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John Carmack's "20 Years After Doom" SMU talk finally hits YouTube

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Remember back in June, when John Carmack confirmed that he wasn't going to be at QuakeCon but promised as a consolation prize that his lengthy talk at Southern Methodist University's Lyle School of Engineering would (probably) still be released? More than three months after it took place, the video has finally made its way to YouTube.

Oculus Connect developer conference announced, Carmack and Luckey to keynote

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Oculus VR will host its first developer conference this September. Oculus Connect will bring together "engineers, designers, and creatives from around the world" to discuss virtual reality technology. Best of all, the conference will sate our annual urge to see John Carmack speak at length about his work, given that he won't be attending QuakeCon this year as per usual.

Oculus VR accuses ZeniMax of seeking a "quick payout" from Facebook

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Oculus VR has filed a response to ZeniMax Media's lawsuit against it, describing the trademark infringement claim as "a transparent attempt to take advantage of the Oculus VR sale to Facebook." It alleges that ZeniMax omitted and misstated facts in its suit, and repeated its own assertions that "there is not a line of ZeniMax code" in any Oculus VR product.

ZeniMax and id Software file lawsuit against Oculus VR for misappropriating trade secrets

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Earlier this month, ZeniMax, owner of id Software and John Carmack’s former employer, sent formal notice to Oculus claiming key technology its virtual reality headset relies on were developed by John Carmack while he was still employed by ZeniMax. ZeniMax claimed that only with its help, Oculus founder Palmer Luckey “was able to transform his garage-based pipe dream into a working reality," and it wanted compensation. Today, the company officially filed suit.

ZeniMax claims rights to key Oculus tech developed by John Carmack

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ZeniMax Media, which owns id Software and Bethesda Game Studios, sent formal notice to Oculus claiming key technology the virtual reality headset relies on were developed by John Carmack while he was still employed by at ZeniMax. ZeniMax claims that only with its help, Oculus founder Palmer Luckey “was able to transform his garage-based pipe dream into a working reality," and now it wants compensation.

John Carmack defends Oculus Rift acquisition: VR is "too obviously powerful" for independence

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The fury over Oculus VR’s acquisition by social media giant Facebook seems to have fallen to a low simmer as the raw emotion has a chance to cool. Another factor: we don’t really have any more information now than we did the day after the news broke. Aside from Oculus founder Palmer Luckey’s increasingly futile defense on reddit, no one inside the deal has spoken up. Now, development legend John Carmack, who famously left his position at Id software to work as Oculus’s chief technology officer, has spoken up for the first time.

Oculus VR hires Valve VR expert Michael Abrash as chief scientist

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Three days after Oculus announced that it was being purchased by Facebook for $2 billion, the VR company has hired programmer Michael Abrash, who has worked at Valve since 2011. Abrash has been working on Valve's virtual reality technology for the last couple years, and regularly posts deep technical discussions of VR on his blog. Abrash is joining Oculus as Chief Scientist, and in his introductory post on Oculus' website, he cites the Facebook acquisition--and Facebook's deep pockets--as "the final piece of the puzzle" necessary for VR to achieve greatness.

Palmer Luckey interview: The new Oculus Rift prototype and the future of VR

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It's safe to say that Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey was exhausted when we sat down at last week's International CES to chat. He'd been in town for eight days, talking to the press and showing the newest Oculus Rift prototype, dubbed "Crystal Cove." The newest headset uses 360 degree positional tracking and low persistence motion blur tech to essentially keep wimps like me from vomiting during use. But even though he was wiped, Luckey still took a few moments to talk to me about the promise of VR for videogames and beyond, the rumors of John Carmack making an Oculus Rift game, and his thoughts PC gaming moving to the living room.

John Carmack developing software to showcase Oculus Rift

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id Software co-founder and master of Doom John Carmack is one of the brightest minds in the industry, which is why we were excited to learn he had joined Oculus VR, maker of the Oculus Rift virtual reality goggles. Aside from the impressive demos of the device, nothing lent the company as much legitimacy as his coming on board as chief technical officer.

Oculus VR raises $75 million in another round of funding

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Oculus VR, the company that's developing the Oculus Rift virtual reality goggles you want for Christmas, has secured another $75 million in Series B funding. This is in addition to the $16 million it raised in Series A in June, which it must have placed on top of the $2.4 million pile of cash it raised in the initial Kickstarter campaign.

John Carmack resigns from id Software

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Id Software co-founder John Carmack has resigned from the company, according to a statement released to PC Gamer. Known for his influential work on games like Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Quake, Carmack will presumably focus more on his role at Oculus VR, the company he joined in August as chief technology officer.

John Carmack shares thoughts on Steambox and AMD's Mantle

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News and rumors are still buzzing around Valve’s battle for your living room. Developers from all walks of life have shared their thoughts on Valve’s flurry of announcements, and now Oculus Rift Chief Technology Officer and id Software co-founder John Carmack has entered the fray, discussing how SteamOS devices might benefit from AMD's new graphics technology.

John Carmack becomes Oculus VR's new chief technical officer

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Update: Bethesda and Id have clarified the situation in a statement to Kotaku: "John will spend time working out of Oculus as part of his role with them, but he will also continue to work at id."

Original: Oculus VR - creators of the magical Oculus Rift face goggles - have just announced that Id's John Carmack will serve as their new chief technical officer. It's a good fit for the programming genius, not least because the Rift isn't, as I like to assume, powered by pixie dust and wishes.

John Carmack talks the future of high-res displays at QuakeCon 2013

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John Carmack, co-founder and technical director of id Software, gave a wide-ranging and detailed talk at QuakeCon 2013 in Dallas yesterday, addressing a series of issues that affect developers and consumers in the gaming industry. Well-known for his work on games like Doom, Quake and Rage, of particular interest were Carmack's comments on display technology and the way in which it may affect next-generation hardware like head-mounted displays.

id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead leaves the company, will "pursue other personal interests"

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President Todd Hollenshead has left id Software, according to Bethesda. Hollenshead was well-known as part of the id team since 1996, where he worked alongside John Carmack, and as the long-haired MC of Quakecon in Dallas.

John Carmack claims emulation is the key to Linux support, questions native ports

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While you could sum up Valve's plans for Linux compatibility as "full Steam ahead," it seems that not everyone is as sold on the OS's role in mainstream gaming. Yesterday, John Carmack questioned the wisdom of development studios working to make their games run natively in Linux. He tweeted, "Improving Wine for Linux gaming seems like a better plan than lobbying individual game developers for native ports. Why the hate?"

Carmack later expanded on his comments in a thread on Reddit's r/Linux, saying, "I don’t think that a good business case can be made for officially supporting Linux for mainstream games today."

Oculus Rift hands-on video: everything you've heard is true

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The Oculus Rift is the most exciting peripheral I’ve ever used. This is the virtual reality headset I’ve been dreaming of since I was a little boy; true future tech that will redefine what it means to play games.

I got to demo it running Doom BFG at this year’s Gamescom. Even better, the kind chaps at Oculus let us film the wondrous thing in action, so you get to share in me looking silly but having a truly joyous gaming experience. Click through for the video.

Carmack VR headset Kickstarter kicking off soon

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Remember that virtual reality headset that John Carmack demoed at E3 this year? It's called the Oculus, and according to a forum post spotted by Ausgamers from its designer, Palmer Luckey, a Kickstarter campaign will start very soon, giving early adopters a chance to snap up some of the first units.

The campaign was due to run in June, but the new date will mean the 30 day donation period will cover QuakeCon and Gamescom. The headset will be demoed at both. Luckey also mentions that he's speaking to Valve, id/Bethesda, Crytek, Epic and Unity about potential partnerships.

PC Gamer's Best of E3 Awards

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It's here at last! We've recovered from our post-E3 plagues, put the pieces of our lives back together, and took time to meditate in a sacred grove before doing battle in the PCG-awards-debate-ring of death to determine the best games at this year's E3.

Doom 3 source code now free to all

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The Doom 3 source code has been released and is available now on Github. According to John Carmack's Twitter feed, the source code was delayed when lawyers had a bit of a wobble over some patent problems. With the addition of a few lines of code and the tweaking of a few more, the release was good to go. Releasing source code is a bit of a risky move, and takes time and money to do, so it's heartening to see id dishing out the data for free. Indie devs and code enthusiasts, go forth and conquer!