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Hat-tipping: Team Fortress 2 "Hats For Japan" sale raises $300,000

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Good work, you hat-craving, conditionally-generous gentlemen and women. Valve's charity drive that began last Thursday has already produced more than $300,000 in aid to Japan by way of the American Red Cross. The items--three hats and a few of noise-maker consumables--are available until April 6.

Team Fortress 2 selling $100, $20, $7 hats for Japan aid

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Valve has just deployed a two-week sale on three unique Team Fortress 2 hats, the proceeds of which will go entirely to the American Red Cross fund. Respectfully, we feel obligated to give this promotion a plug: we know your hunger for conspicuous hat consumption, PC gamers, and any transaction that helps relieve the immense toll of this disaster benefits us all. Click within for a peek at the headgear.