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Bioware working on TOR content we won't see for "over a year"

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Bioware have been talking Star Wars: The Old Republic updates. There are a lot of them coming.

"Our writers are working on content you won't see for over a year," game director James Ohlen told PC Gamer. "We have a lot of plans. Because of the voice overs, cinematics and moving parts, we have to look way into the future."

"We want to show our fans that we’re serious about supporting the game so we're going to be releasing new game updates on a regular basis. We have one coming in a week, then we have one in March, then a third one coming after that. Then a fourth and fifth," he continued.

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SWTOR's alignment system will offer exclusive loot for neutral players

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I love the idea of Star Wars: The Old Republic's alignment system. It was one of the reasons I rolled a bounty hunter: I wanted to play as a deadly assassin with a moral compass; a Robin Hood figure in a galaxy far, far away.

But then someone directed me towards the exclusive loot vendors for extreme light side/dark side players. Neutrality was no longer an option. Since then, I've given a pensioner with her husband's head in a bag, killed innocent women, and shot pleading Ugnaughts. I'm Dark Side III, and I have the Interrogation Droid to prove it.

But maybe I should've stuck with my original plan. Bioware has confirmed that TOR will eventually provide bonuses for neutral players as well as extremely evil/nice ones.

Star Wars: The Old Republic created "to make sure Bioware is not going to be left behind"

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Star Wars: The Old Republic has been a huge undertaking for developers, Bioware. It's taken massive investment and untold man hours to bring it to light. It's also Bioware's first MMO, which makes it a risky move into an unfamiliar genre. We asked Star Wars: The Old Republic game director, James Ohlen why Bioware decided to move online. He revealed that the decision was made by Bioiware's founders, Dr. Ray Muzyka and Dr. Greg Zeschuk, who thought the MMO genre could be the future of the RPG.

"Back in 2004/2005 it was something we knew we needed to get into," he said. "It seemed to be one of the possible future paths for role-playing games in general. One thing Ray and Greg are always doing is looking at ways to make sure Bioware is not going to be left behind. So they're looking at all the futures going and then try to make sure we kind of diversify, and that was one of the areas we wanted to diversify in."