Sins of a Dark Age in Steam Early Access for $5

Emanuel Maiberg at

It’s been a long time since we heard from Ironclad’s MOBA Sins of a Dark Age, but it’s still alive and kicking and has just landed on Steam Early Access for $5. That’s a steal compared to the $25 you had to pay previously for a founder edition and access to the closed beta. However, when it’s ready, Sins of a Dark Age will be free-to-play.

Sins of a Solar Empire devs announce new "hybrid RTS" Sins of a Dark Age, coming 2012

Evan Lahti at

Last week Ironclad came to visit us to tell us about a new, unexpected project: Sins of a Dark Age. They introduced it by saying it's "kind of like a MOBA," and we smiled politely, making inconspicuous looks at our wristwatches. But then we heard more. It's also an RTS. It has some novel ideas about defusing some of the hostility MOBA-style games like League of Legends are known for. It uses a new engine, forged from the Iron Engine code base. And it's coming this year.

A look at eight new mouse pads to ramp up your game

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Mousepads are an often overlooked piece of gaming hardware. I tend to consider mine more of a coaster for coffee than something that can improve my gaming. Yet thin sheets beneath our mice can go a long ways in helping define comfort and precision. These mouse pads just scratch the surface on the multitude of options to aid your next killstreak.