Hitman Sniper Challenge comes to PC. Shoot men. Win stuff.

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Lately all our console playing friends have been telling us about this 'Hitman Sniper Challenge' thing on the tellybox. We of course affected an air of practiced disdain at their preposterous claims that a game not on PC could be good. But now it's on PC. So it must be good. QED.

Sniper Challenge is a promotional game for Hitman Absolution, those who score highly at shooting men in the head will earn prizes. Not achievements you understand, real, physical prizes like iPads and Sennheiser headphones, which are being given away monthly to the top scorers.

Hitman Absolution game director apologises for controversial trailer

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As reported by IGN, Hitman Absolution game director Tore Blystad has apologised for the controversy caused by the Attack of the Saints trailer, which featured Agent 47 brutally killing a group of assassins dressed - as Tom put it at the time - as BDSM nuns.

"We're sorry that we offended people" Blystad told journalists at E3. "That was truly not the intention of the trailer."

Hitman Absolution developer on the tough balance between scoring and spoiling

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Every time you load a level in Hitman Absolution, there's a prompt in the corner that highlights your friends scores alongside the highest in your country and the rest of the world. It's a constant reminder that Absolution can be a competitive experience, if you want it to be. Exactly how the score is calculated is the interesting bit.

Hitman Absolution Sniper Challenge pre-order bonus outed by US magazine

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Sharp-eyed Game Informer readers have spotted an advert in the latest issue that seems to lift the lid on Hitman Absolution's pre-order DLC. The Sniper Challenge pack is exclusive to GameStop in the US and provides an exclusive rifle and 'replayable sniping mission' which hooks in to a wider competition.

As reported by VG247, Square Enix promise 'awesome prize packages for top snipers', but haven't announced what they are yet. A head-barcode tattoo of your very own, perhaps. IO are due to make an announcement on Thursday, so we may find out more then.

E3 2011: Hitman: Absolution trailer has drowning men and showering ladies

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[bcvideo id="980676334001"]

Codename 47 will go to any lengths to perv on a lady in the shower, equal to and including: holding a man's head underwater until he dies, punching another guy so hard he dies, garotting a man with a wire until he dies, dangling a man over a banister until he dies, and launching a man's head into a wall. I think he died too. The trailer has the right level of moodiness, but there's zero in-game footage. Lucky then, that Tim will have a full preview for you in a few minutes.