Interstellar Marines

Interstellar Marines takes its sci-fi shooting, and walking sharks, to Kickstarter

Tom Sykes at

I'm shocked - shocked, I tells ya. There are at least three upcoming indie games that haven't moved their projects to Kickstarter or Greenlight, and many more that haven't taken the next logical step and robbed a bank. As of a few days ago, Interstellar Marines can count itself a member of the first two clubs, though the third is surely only a matter of time. Zero Point are asking for $600,000 to finish development of their long-awaited sci-fi shooter, with $81,000 of that already achieved.

Valve approves 21 more Steam Greenlight games

Tyler Wilde at

Valve announced today that 21 more games have passed the Greenlight community test and will be published on Steam. Among the chosen few are Miner Wars 2081, Octodad: Dadliest Catch, Forge, and literally 18 more. See the full list inside.

Interstellar Marines shares up for sale

Matt Purslow at

Upcoming sci-fi FPS Interstellar Marines has been having the fan community involved with its development for some time now. Fans have been able to buy 'support medals' at $5 a medal, with the money going towards the development costs of Zero Point Software's game. Well now the community can get their hands on something more substantial than a medal, in the form of company shares. Read on for details.

Interstellar Marines trailer released

Owen Hill at

A trailer for Zero Point Software's upcoming first-person shooter, Interstellar Marines, has been released. It features gruff voices, red dot sights and mechs. You know the kind of thing. Find it after the jump.