Steam introducing remote downloads. Download stuff remotely for maximum fun-time

Owen Hill at

Valve are introducing a new Steam feature that lets you manage your library and trigger remote downloads from anywhere in the world! Anywhere with an internet connection and browser that is. The feature is currently available via the new Beta client. To get involved, just click File/Settings from within Steam and get downloading. Expect the feature to hit the main Steam client soon.

This means you could feasibly spot a bargain while browsing in work and start it downloading on your home machine within seconds. You can even check the status of your downloads throughout the afternoon, making it a lot easier to accurately plan your evening's entertainment and maximise your fun-time.

For even more instruction, check Valve's dedicated Steam Support page. Thanks to RPS for pointing out the original Steam beta discussion.

Diablo 3 open beta weekend begins today!

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Here's the link. You've been tantalised before, but now the Diablo 3 beta is officially open! For this weekend at least. All you need is a valid account, a Battletag, and and the Diablo 3 client. The beta gives you the chance to play to up to level 13 as any of the five classes on offer - I'm a monk kinda-guy myself. Blizzard have put up a handy FAQ on their official blog.

Diablo 3 is getting released next month. And, unless the Blizzard HQ inplodes into itself in the next few weeks, it's going to be something very special indeed. Tom has played through the thing nine times, and he's only just managing to hold off his tenth playthrough.

Let us know how you get on in the comments. Enjoy!