Infernal Dawn

Trion discusses patch 1.8's fishing, face-punching raids, and the future of Rift

Gavin Townsley at

The Carnival of the Ascended celebration is coming to an end as the world of Telara prepares for the next major update, Infernal Dawn. The past year, full of consistent and large updates for Rift, has us wondering what's next. I had a chance to attend a Rift roundtable discussion with Trion CEO and Rift Executive Producer Scott Hartsman, Producer Adam Gershowitz, and Design Director Hal Hanlin to gain some insight on fishing, new raid content, and what else we can expect in the future.

Rift 1.8 screenshots show golden dragons, red dragons, giant purple pirate

Tom Senior at

It's Maelforge the fire dragon's turn to menace the lands of Telara in the big upcoming Infernal Dawn update for Rift. Alsbeth and the undead were the first to make a move, but found themselves quickly pushed back by Rift's Guardian and Defiant armies. They didn't have any magical dragons made of gold, though, did they? That'll be just one of the new enemies players will have to face down in the new 20 man raid to be added in update 1.8.

The next big patch will also bring a big list of balance changes and a few new professions, including fishing. Trion have released a bunch of new images showing some high octane angling action and a huge purple pirate.