Special Report - Project Zomboid

Owen Hill at

This article originally appeared in PC Gamer UK issue 231. Yesterday, a burglary at The Indie Stone HQ lost the team two vital laptops that have delayed the latest patch, but Project Zomboid has endured many dramas before then, here's the story so far...

Project Zomboid is a great game born from a passion for zombie fiction, piracy, panic and corporate generosity. Of all the drama indie devs face, little comes close to the police breaking into your flat because a car is about to explode.

Chris Simpson is one sixth of The Indie Stone, the team behind the free-roaming isometric zombie shooter that’s about narrative, not headcounts. He explains his game: “We’ve tried to turn the genre towards the survival aspect and away from the focus on combat. It’s not just about seeing how many zombies you can kill. It’s holding up in a house, going on raiding missions, trying to trade with NPCs and making friends. It’s dealing with trust issues between people. This is the ultimate plan, seeing as it’s currently a Minecraft-style alpha tech demo.” His partner in crime, Andy Hodgetts, elaborates: “Basically if you’ve ever read World War Z or the The Zombie Survival Guide or I Am Legend you’ve read the blueprint of the game.”