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FRACT OSC gets Indie Fund support as it nears release

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Upcoming puzzler FRACT OSC will receive backing from the Indie Fund as developer Phosfiend Systems works to complete the project, according to a recent announcement. FRACT OSC, a first-person adventure game built around the musical exploration of a world based on sound, is set to release on Steam later this year after a successful Greenlight campaign.

Double Fine gets two games backed by Indie Fund

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Not content with funding only two games through Kickstarter, Double Fine has received some extra dough from the Indie Fund for two more unannounced games that are currently in development.

Dear Esther sells 50,000 in one week

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When Dear Esther turned a profit in six hours it was already obvious that it would exceed expectations. Dear Esther's Indie Fund backers were originally unsure about funding Dear Esther, but it looks like their faith has been well placed. It sold 16,000 copies on Steam on day one. A week on, it's sold more than 50,000.

Developers, Thechineseroom made their sales public over on the Dear Esther blog, saying that the 50,000 figure is "an extraordinary amount for an indie release."

Dear Esther turns a profit in five and a half hours, sells 16,000 in a day

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A post on the Indie Fund site responsible for backing the development of Dear Esther says that the team have recouped their investment of $55,000 in just five and a half hours and is currently the third best selling game on Steam.

"To be honest, we are a little surprised by how many people bought Dear Esther so quickly," say the Indie Fund. "We were expecting the game to have a niche appeal. In fact the situation is quite different." Dear Esther has so far sold more than 16,000 copies in its first day.

The Fund were slightly reluctant to fund the game in the beginning because they were worried it go down well with Steam's mainstream audience. "We appear to have been very wrong about all this," they say. "We are happy to have been wrong."

For our verdict on Dear Esther, check out our Dear Esther review.

Dear Esther trailer has beautiful island vistas

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The first official Dear Esther trailer has appeared on the Dear Esther site, celebrating its four IGF award nominations and upcoming release on Steam on February 14. It offers a short but haunting glimpse of the island that you explore for the duration of the game. As you move over its hills and through its caves, you'll uncover scraps of narration that resonate with the environment, resulting in an interactive letter of "love, loss, guilt and redemption." It also looks as though it's going to be the most beautiful thing ever made with the Source Engine.