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New Humble Bundle launched to support IGF chairman Brandon Boyer

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A "very special" Humble Bundle popped up yesterday, this time in support of Independent Games Festival chairman Brandon Boyer. A Bundle of Love for Brandon includes 32 games and soundtracks packaged together to support Boyer, who was diagnosed with cancer late last year.

IGF award nominees announced. Papers, Please and Stanley Parable lead the pack

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The finalists for the 16th annual Independent Games Festival has been announced, and we’re pleased to see some great games from 2013 are getting the recognition they deserve. In particular, Lucas Pope’s brilliant Papers, Please has been nominated for four awards and The Stanley Parable has been nominated for three awards.

The IGF continues to grow, and 650 entries fought for the judges' love this year. Voting for the audience award winner will begin on February 18 ahead of the final award ceremony on March 19. In addition to the nominations, the honorable mention category gives a boost to a number of great PC games: Don’t Starve received an honorable mention for excellence in visual art, and Kerbal Space Program got an honorable mention slot for the Seumas McNally Grand Prize. Read on for the list of nominees.

Nidhogg is finally getting released this year

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Unless you have access to a Winnitron arcade machine, this citrus-colored swordfighter has remained hidden in the deepest murk of the indie scene, surfacing only at the occasional games conference to impress crowds with its swift, accessible multiplayer swordfighting. Finally, finally, after over three years, Nidhogg will be released.

GDC 2013: IGF and GDC Award winners revealed

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This year's GDC has been the source of many interesting industry tidbits. But forget them for now, because it also hosted two award shows last night. Shiny, slightly crass and easily digestible in a handy list format - we've got all the winners from the Independent Games Festival Awards and Game Developers Choice Awards right here. Did Hotline Miami's masked protagonist beat the living snot out of the FTL crew for the Seumas McNally Grand Prize? Did Incredipede's creepy-crawly monstrosities scare away the other Visual Art nominees? Did any game not called Journey win a GDC Award? Read on to find out.

2013 Independent Games Festival main competition finalists announced

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The shortlist for the 15th IGF award finalists has been revealed. There were more than 580 entries this year, across an incredibly diverse range of genres, requiring the attention of some 200 judges to help pare down the games into seven award categories, with five nominees apiece.

Valve offering Steam distribution deals for IGF 2013 finalists

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Budding gamesmiths submit their homebrewed sweat-and-code for recognition and reward during each year's Independent Games Festival, but keeping outreach strong after the competition's close often turns challenging for these small teams. No more: In an announcement released today on the festival's official website, the organizers revealed Valve will offer Steam distribution deals to all finalists of each of the seven award categories. Yep, all of them.

OnLive indie showcase lets you try 16 IGF nominees for free

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You can play free trials of 16 IGF-nominated games right now using cloud-streaming service, OnLive. For the next two weeks you can log in and play 30 minute demos of games like Dear Esther, Dustforce, Frozen Synapse, Space Chem and, as Tom mentioned earlier, the excellent FTL. When GDC kicks off next week all OnLive games formerly nominated for IGF awards will be discounted by 75%

There's a list of links to the OnLive demo page for each IGF nominee below. You'll need to sign up for a free OnLive account first to get access.

IGF finalists announced: Dear Esther, Frozen Synapse, Spelunky and Gunpoint nominated

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The finalists of this year's Independent Games Festival have been announced. A wide range of promising indie titles have received nominations including Dear Esther to Frozen Synapse, Spelunky and Gunpoint, made by our own Tom Francis, who is several feet behind me watching looking very happy and watching videos of bees.

It's a fantastic line-up across the board. It'll be a very tough task for the judges to pick out victors. Until then, have a look at the list below, and let us know which games you think should take awards.

Introversion's new game is Prison Architect

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Recently Introversion's Chris Delay announced that their emergent bank heist sim, Subversion was on hold, and that an entirely new project was in development for submission to this year's Independent Games Festival. They've just sent word that their next game will be called Prison Architect. As the title suggests, it's a game in which you “build and manage a maximum security prison.” The first screenshot, of sorts, is above. There's no more information just yet, but from the first image alone, it looks as though it has a different vibe to Introversion's traditional neon blue universes.

When Chris wrote about Introversion's new game in the IV blog, he said "I could see most of the core game design straight away. I could see how much of the tech that we’d designed for Subversion was directly applicable, if properly turned on its head." So instead of breaking into a high security building, we're stopping others from breaking out. Intriguing. We can't wait to see more.

Independent Games Festival award winners: some categories not won by Minecraft

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The IGF awards ceremony took place last night at GDC, recognising the best new and forthcoming indie games. Minecraft was the obvious favourite to win the overall prize, which it did, but it wasn't the clean sweep some expected. The Technical Excellence category was instead won by first-person horror Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and Design went to low-fi 2D Rogue-like game Desktop Dungeons.

Here's the full list of winners and nominees, along with where you can play them or at least see them played.