Invisible, Inc trailer reveals that Klei's turn-based tactical espionage game is no longer Incognita

Phil Savage at

It would be entirely appropriate if you hadn't heard of Invisible, Inc., because it's a turn-based tactical strategy about stealth, espionage and leaving no trace. What you may have heard of is its previous alias: Incognita. The Klei-made early access game has now received its new legend, and, in a moment of carelessness that could rival 007, headed straight to YouTube to publicise its existence.

Incognita opens for alpha access, trailer shows turn-based espionage in action

Phil Savage at

I'm starting to worry about Klei, you guys. Between new Mark of the Ninja DLC, continued development on Don't Starve, and now the turn-based spy-'em-up Incongnita, they're pumping out an incredible number of games. Has anyone checked to make sure their office isn't full of developers chained to computers; forced to code strategic espionage-based interactions and draw gorgeously stylistic art? They've just opened Incognita for pre-order purchase, giving buyers instant alpha access to the game. Maybe they need to raise funds for some thicker restraints?

Incognita livestream shows off 40 minutes of turn-based tactical espionage

Tom Sykes at

I was assuming the title of Klei's next game would be another helpful instruction like 'Don't Starve' or, you know, 'Shank'. Instead it's 'Incognita', which is the kind of name you'd give a Spanish secret agent in a Saturday morning cartoon. I am entirely OK with this. Another thing I am OK with: a forty-odd minute livestream of the turn-based espionage title, which if you missed it has been recorded and embeddified below.

Mark of the Ninja and Don't Starve developer unveils tactical espionage game Incognita

Perry Vandell at

Don’t Starve has only just begun avoiding malnutrition post-launch and developer Klei Entertainment already has an entirely new project in the works.