In-Home Streaming

Steam In-Home Streaming tested: remotely play games from any PC in your network

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Much has been said about streaming from a Windows PC to SteamOS, but that functionality is available on other OSes, and fully integrated with Steam as of today. Let the Steam client update, and you can now stream a game running on a Windows PC to another Windows PC, a Linux PC, or a Mac on the same network, with "support for more systems coming soon." I tried streaming between two Windows PCs on our office network, and wouldn't you know it, it worked swimmingly.

Steam in-home streaming now available in open beta

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In-home streaming for everyone! After three months of testing Steam in-home streaming in a closed beta community, Valve has added the feature to the Steam beta client accessible to all. Want to stream games from your office desktop to a living room PC while luxuriating on the couch? The power is yours. Just remember that this particular power is still a work-in-progress, which means it may be laggy or fail altogether with certain games on Steam.

What we want from Windows 9

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Windows 8 hasn't exactly been a stunning success. Fewer than 12 percent of PCs run Windows 8 or 8.1, compared with 47 percent for Windows 7 and 29 percent for XP. It's still more than Mac OS X and Vista combined, but that's small consolation. So we're already looking forward to Windows 9, which will hopefully continue the tradition—firmly entrenched in both Windows and Star Trek chronology—of coming out with something good every other try. (Galaxy Quest counts as one of the good Star Treks, by the way.)

Windows 9, codenamed Threshold, is still at least a year away. Sourcey-types peg it at April 2015, so there's plenty of time for Microsoft to release something that's fully baked to make up for the melange of awesome and not-awesome that is Windows 8. So with that, here are our demands for Windows 9.

Valve is nipping at your heels, Microsoft. It's time to pay attention to PC gamers again.

Steam In-Home Streaming beta first impressions

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This is what I’ve been waiting for. And actually also cements in my mind exactly what a waste of time those $499 and up third-party Steam Machines are for many PC gamers. The beta version of In-Home Streaming (IHS) is up and running on my Steam account and I've had a big grin all over my face since I started playing with it.

Valve explain Steam in-home streaming, as early closed beta begins

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While Linux ports are becoming increasingly de rigueur among PC developers, Valve's living room focused SteamOS still won't be able to run the majority of Steam's Windows-only catalogue. That's why the SteamOS announcement made mention of game streaming, letting your Windows machine do the heavy lifting. Following on from their creation of an in-home streaming Steam group, now they've kicked off the streaming beta, and created a series of posts explaining how it will work.

Steam In-Home Streaming beta starts later this year, join group to register interest

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Valve sorta kinda in a roundabout way added In-Home Streaming in a Steam beta update a little while ago, but not in a way you could actually, you know, use. If you like the idea of streaming games to another PC in your household, however, you should probably keep an eye on this Steam group. And by 'keep an eye on' I mean 'join the heck out of', as Valve will be randomly picking members for an upcoming beta test "later this year".

Nvidia Shield update adds official PC streaming, console mode, more Android support

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With the Nvidia Shield's PC streaming function now out of its beta phase, the handheld's latest update should bring more flexibility to an already innovative device. The machine's new patch also introduces a new console mode and increased gamepad support for touch-screen games, alongside Android 4.3, according to a press release today.

Steam beta update adds In-Home Streaming support, sort of

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Something interesting has cropped up in the latest Steam beta update: streaming capability, even if it's not quite, um, capable yet. The wily devils at the unofficial Steam Database have unearthed (after some "tinkering") an option called In-Home Streaming, which will obviously let you stream games from one PC to another or others, over a local network. Will is the operative word here - the option is there, in an unfinished form at least, but it's currently hamstrung by Steam's one-PC-at-a-time login restrictions.