IGF 2014

IGF 2014 Student Showcase winners announced

Emanuel Maiberg at

The Independent Game Festival has announced the eight winners of the 16th annual Student Showcase, celebrating the most innovative student games from around the world this year. It’s a stiff competition. The judges—other independent developers, mainstream developers, academics, and journalists—played nearly 350 entries.

Indie roguelike Catacomb Kids heads to IGF 2014 with twitch combat and inevitable death

Ian Birnbaum at

Despite its childish name and the youth of its protagonists, Catacomb Kids looks seriously brutal. It's a new platformer with randomly generated levels in the flavor of Spelunky, but it adds offensive magic and a delightfully retro art style to the mix. Now that the game, developed entirely by solo developer Tyriq Plummer, has been sent to IGF 2014, we can bask in the warm glow of its submission trailer.

Valve and the IGF team up again to bring 2014's finalists to Steam

Phil Savage at

The Independent Games Festival has renewed its deal with Valve to give shortlisted finalists of the 2014 IGF Awards an automagical Golden Ticket onto Steam. All main competition finalists will be offered a distribution deal, whether they're nominated in the individual Excellence categories, the Seumas McNally Grand Prize, or the Nuovo Award. "Nuovo" being IGF speak for "kinda weird".