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Introversion: "If Valve aren't launching your game you really have to ask yourself why"

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The Introversion Humble Indie Bundle was a massive success, selling more games in two weeks than the developer had in 10 years: "It was our biggest single sale of any sale we’d ever done before, financially and in terms of player numbers, says creative director, Chris Delay. "Twice as many people play our games thanks to Humble Bundle."

But even though alternate distribution platforms can be profitable, Chris admits that landing Prison Architect on Valve's platform was the ultimate aim: "I think Steam is obviously the market leader. I definitely think that. And I would feel very frustrated if I had a game and Valve turned it down. Getting on Steam is like a number one objective for us, so we have to make sure the game is good enough.

Introversion's managing director, Mark Morris, is just as modest about their future titles: "It’s a really good litmus test, If Valve aren’t launching your game, you really have to ask yourself why."

Prison Architect tease continues with new image

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Introversion’s ongoing Prison Architect treasure hunt and ARG continues to confuse the hell out of us. The game’s being teased in a series of grim Polaroids, with the latest very briefly appearing in the Dungeons of Dredmore Humble Indie Bundle reveal trailer.

This one’s numbered four of five, and shows a man - possibly a prison warden - sitting at his desk with a cup of coffee. We received image one of five, showing a gun being held by an arm in a green sleeve. Image two was found by PC Gamer forum user The_B in Introversion’s Subversion city generator, and it shows some canoodling violently ended by a man in a green shirt. Image three was sent to Rock Paper Shotgun, and it shows a man - probably the same man - kneeling in front of a priest (not like that!), possibly begging for forgiveness. The final image, also found by The_B, shows the man sitting on the electric chair.

Introversion teases Prison Architect with virtual treasure hunt

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Oh Introversion, why must you tease us so? We’ve just received a mysterious email from the indie developer, whose games form the core of the latest Hundle Indie Bundle. The email reads:

“We are running a sneaky treasure hunt and we wanted to give you the next clue. This is ready to be released immediately, and it’s exclusively yours to do with as you wish.

“The clues are all from Introversion’s next game Prison Architect, and showcase Ryan Sumo’s amazing art.

“Some of the clues are buried in the Humble Introversion Bundle.”

Next Humble Indie Bundle to feature Introversion Games?

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Bargain games stalwart Lewie Procter has alerted us to this post on DIY Gamer, which seems to suggest that the latest Humble Indie Bundle might include Introversion software. All Introversion’s games to date are included, with the low-tech delights of Darwinia, Uplink, Defcon and Multiwinia listed in Mac and PC varieties.

The bundle was discovered by sneaky internet users poking about in Steam, who stumbled across Subscription 12283, aka Introversion Humble Indie Bundle Retail. There’s no word on release date, and Humble Indie themselves haven’t commented on it. But Introversion are an ideal match for the Humble Bundle - their low-fi approach and refusal to sell out have made them one of the most-loved developers in the world, and the Bundle gives a lot of its proceeds to charity.

According to DIY Gamer, Introversion have fallen on hard times, though, with their fascinating strategy heist title Subversion being put on hold indefinitely so they could concentrate on something else. Hopefully the Humble Bundle will put some cash in Introversion’s coffers - and remind the world that they still exist.