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Minimum exits Early Access to become feature complete game; new update detailed

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At a time when disenchantment with the Steam Early Access model appears to be ramping up, it's nice to hear that blocky third-person shooter Minimum has finally been consecrated a full, feature complete game. The news comes via Human Head's Norm Nazaroff, who made the assurance that the game will still undergo "polish and improvement".

Minimum rescued from limbo by Atari and Human Head, heading for Steam Early Access soon

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Blocky multiplayer shooter Minimum was announced this time last year, and now it's been re-announced under new development and publishing teams. The reason for this is that original developers TimeGate (infamous for co-developing the execrable Aliens: Colonial Marines) filed for bankruptcy shortly after the game's announcement, leaving it stranded in a sort of cubey limbo. Now it's back, and it's heading for Steam Early Access, under former Prey 2 developers Human Head.

Prey 2 not being developed by Arkane, claim Bethesda

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In typical sci-fi fashion, Prey 2 has been through more than a few plot twists. It was dead, then it wasn't, then it was in suspended animation. There was talk of political machinations, of failed expectations, and - most surprisingly - of a developer switch, with the game rumoured to be in the hands of Dishonored developers Arkane. Now, in an interview with RPS, Bethesda's Pete Hines has helped separate fact from fiction.

Bethesda VP: Prey 2 hasn't been shown because it "simply isn't good enough"

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Prey 2 has been mired in dispute for years, with warring factions Bethesda and Human Head surfacing occasionally to blame each other for the troubled development of the now-stalled sequel to Prey. Earlier this month, Human Head alleged that Bethesda stalled the game for political reasons to force a buyout. At the time, Bethesda had no comment. Now? Bethesda vice president of PR Pete Hines has all the comments.

Prey 2 allegedly stalled due to contract disputes, attempted buyout by Bethesda

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After a stellar debut at E3 2011, Prey 2 was on a lot of must-play lists. Developer Human Head looked like they had a winner on their hands, and publisher Bethesda stood to release yet another hit. Then, frustratingly, development stopped. What happened is apparently a tale of the contractual disputes and business dealings that affect the games we want to play and love, but are usually going on so far above our heads that we never hear about them until long after the fact.

Dishonored devs rumoured to be working on Prey 2

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The word on the grapevine that Marvin Gaye was so fond of is that Arkane Austin (of Dishonored and alliteration fame) may be taking over the reins of the much-troubled Prey 2, rescuing Human Head's ambitious open world sci-fi thingy from a fate worse than death: permanent hiatus. Kotaku and premature Prey 2 fansite Alien Noire have been stuffing that grapevine with the juiciest of rumours, including the startling not-quite-news that the Dishonored devs will be scrapping all of Human Head's work and re-creating the entire game from scratch. (You know, if any of this is true.) Arkane Austin devs have apparently been told to "just treat it like a new System Shock," and-dammit, I just spat beer all over my keyboard.

Alien Noire countdown website holds possible Prey 2 connection

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A countdown website called Alien Noir has been launched, with possible ties to Human Head's Prey 2. On the surface, there's not much to go on - some gobbledegook glyphs and obtuse timers - but a NeoGAF post shows the (now removed) meta tag content listing "Prey 2," "Bethesda," and "Human Head Studios".

Prey 2 not dead, just napping, says Human Head developer

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The fate of sci-fi shooter sequel Prey 2 was thrown into doubt earlier this year, when reports of a disagreement between developer Human Head and publisher Bethesda emerged. Now, thanks to a tweet from designer Nathan Cheever, we have some further reassurance that the project has avoided the axe.

Prey 2 feared cancelled

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It looks as though Human Head's futuristic, parkour powered space bounty hunter game, Prey 2, may be in trouble. NeoGaf spotted a report on PSFocus suggesting that Prey 2 has been canned by Bethesda.

This arrives in the wake of a Prey 2 GDC talk that was pulled just before the event. Eurogamer note a tweet from Human Head programmer Brian Karis which said that "Zenimax forced us to pull all Prey2 related talks from GDC."

Prey 2 screenshots show neon streets, wide heads, many eyes

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Some luminous new Prey 2 shots have arrived, the kind of screenshots you could leave on your screen as a light source at night to cover your place in a neon, cyberpunk glow. Though best not to use the shot of the creepy wide-headed alien. You don't want those four eyes following you around the room. Check out our Prey 2 preview for more on the game, or head below for more rain-slick city streets.

Prey 2 screenshots have neon cityscapes and strange aliens

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We got a couple of bonus images for Dishonored from Quakecon earlier, now we've received a small payload of new Prey 2 screenshots. They show lots more of Prey 2's glowing neon city, and some more strange, strange alien creatures. You'll be able to hunt them all down and pound them in the gills when Prey 2 comes out in March next year. Find out more in our Prey 2 preview. You'll find the screens below. Click to see them full size.

E3 2011: Prey 2 video demonstration has free running and bounty hunting

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The fact that Prey 2 seems to have nothing to do with Prey 1 is looking increasingly like a good thing. The Gametrailers demonstration above gives us our first look at how the parkour chase sequences will work in-game. Look at all that lovely alien tech you get to play with.

Prey 2 trailer has jet boots, space pistols and parkour

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[bcvideo id="973015760001"]
The first few seconds of the live-action/CG hybrid Prey 2 trailer play out like an origin story for protagonist Killian Samuels. It's your typical origin story, really. Man boards plane. Plane gets attacked by aliens. Man gets jetboots and space pistol, becomes bounty hunter badass with mad parkour skills and fights crime in an alien city. Man wins the day. Not shown are the interrogation mechanics, and many of the 20 gadgets you'll be able to use to track down your suspects. You can find out more about them in our Prey 2 preview.

Prey 2 screens show weird aliens and neon cityscapes

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Here are five new Prey 2 screens, arriving hot on the heels of the two first images, which showed a futuristic bar fight and some fantastic concept art. The screens below show how that concept art will translate into the game, and give us a look at some of the weird looking aliens that will populate Prey 2's futuristic city. Is the alien at gunpoint happy or frightened? You decide.

Prey 2 first screenshot appears

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The first screenshot of Prey 2 has appeared on Bethblog, showing some aliens brawling in a futuristic bar. There's also an extremely wide but excellent piece of concept art with a panoramic view of a futuristic cityscape. Get ready to replace your desktop background, you'll find both images below.

Prey 2 trailer features live action plane invasion

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The first Prey 2 trailer has landed, or rather, taken off. It's a live action film starring real live human beings set on a plane that comes under attack from alien forces. While there's no in-game footage, the events of the new trailer match up with a few of Prey 2's rumoured features, which suggest that Prey 2 could be an open world game set on a seedy cyberpunk planet.

Prey 2 announced, coming 2012

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Bethesda have announced that a sequel to Prey is on the way. The game will set to come out in 2012 and is being made by the developers of the first game, Human Head. There's a new Facebook page, which will be updated with more details soon.

The original Prey was full of great ideas. There were gravity strips that would let you walk up walls and have fire-fights on the ceiling, gooey bio-weapons that moulded to your character's body, and the ability to spirit walk and fight your way out of hell when near. It'll be interesting to see if Human Head builds on any of those ideas in the sequel. More details on Prey 2 as soon as they're announced.