PC Gaming Alliance contest carries Intel Ultrabook grand prize

Omri Petitte at

The PC Gaming Alliance, a non-profit group composed of influential hardware and software developers such as Intel and Epic, revealed today its Game United Contest and asked for entrants to record a video or write a wiki entry on the value and future of PC gaming for an Intel Ultrabook grand prize.

Forget SSDs, here comes ReRAM

Adam Oxford at

According to august engineering journal the EE Times, solid state storage specialist SanDisk is working on bringing a new form of system memory known as 'ReRAM' to market, a fact apparently revealed in a job ad posted on the company's website last week.

Why is this interesting? Because ReRAM, or 'resistive RAM', is one of those disruptive technologies like wireless power or 4G that's been under development for years, but is suddenly looking like it might happenin our lifetime. ReRAM could, if manufacturing kinks are worked out, replace both system RAM and hard drives in PCs of the future.

ReRAM is being touted as the successor to both current system memory chips and hard drives. And it's not just SanDisk that's been showing an interest in this super-storage of late.

HP wins ironically named new PC award

Adam Oxford at

Someone in HP's marketing department has very dark sense of humour, or events have conspired to produce one of the most serendipitous pieces of product name irony I can remember. Barely three weeks after announcing to analysts that they were looking to either spin off its PC business as a separate company or sell it off altogether, HP have launched a brand new gaming PC.

It's called the Phoenix.