God Mode releases April 19th, shoot waves of absurd hellbeasts with friends

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God Mode is out on Steam on April 19th for $10/£7. It's a diabolical four-player co-op shooter which spits magnetized hellbeasts at you—the kind you describe by cursing what they do, like "those ******* flaming axe throwing bastards"—until you either kill them all to advance or die trying. The tried-and-true horde survival mode has been outfitted with handicaps, mutators, customizable characters, and gun upgrades—I played it briefly a couple weeks ago, and it impressed me.

20 ways Blizzard changed the world

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We celebrated Blizzard's 20th anniversary with a massive cover story in our April issue that analyzed just how far-reaching their impact on gamers across the globe has been. In part one of our Blizzard story, we put our collective minds together to put together a list of the many and varied ways that Blizzard has affected the "real-world" through their games. Here they are presented for your viewing pleasure: the 20 ways that Blizzard Entertainment has altered the very fabric of life.