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Rift endgame revealed in new trailer

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Trion Worlds have just sent over a new Rift: Planes of Telara trailer that gives the first look at the endgame content. A short-skirt-wearing, pale-skinned lady called Alsbeth appears to be in charge. I'm going on first impressions here, but she doesn't seem to be very friendly.

We recently interviewed Scott Hartsman, Chief Operating Officer of Trion Worlds about the new content. Tom Senior (our resident Rift player) was so intrigued he managed to land an exclusive interview with design producer Hal Hamlin too.

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Rift's dynamic invasions [beta key giveaway]

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In Rift: Planes of Telara, your world is under invasion by dimensional invaders who are systematically ripping holes in the space-time fabric around your planet. Not good, but it gets worse. If you and the other players don’t push in and close the rift (via a slick and co-op-able party quest), the interlopers will establish a foothold in the region, erect structures, terraform the land to resemble their plane, and send war parties at nearby towns that battle with local guards. If left to their own devices, the invaders will bring in a huge monster boss that marches toward the town, crushing everything in its wake (but offering incredible rewards for players that band together to defeat it).

Contest: Fifty beta keys are up for grabs; details at the end of the post.