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E3 2011: Hitman: Absolution video interview discusses choice and freedom

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Christian Elverdam is Hitman: Absolution's gameplay director, and that's his face hovering just above these words. Our combined E3 force caught up with Christian in LA, and pinned him to the wall with the full force of our questioning. In response, he talked about the varied approaches players can take in Absolution. Blood Money fans (of whom our own Tom Francis leads the charge) will be pleased to hear that the videos and demos they've shown so far aren't pointing toward a linear, prescribed route through the game. Instead, Christian points out that 47 will have a range of options at his disposal to complete his grisly duty.

E3 2011: Hitman: Absolution trailer has drowning men and showering ladies

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Codename 47 will go to any lengths to perv on a lady in the shower, equal to and including: holding a man's head underwater until he dies, punching another guy so hard he dies, garotting a man with a wire until he dies, dangling a man over a banister until he dies, and launching a man's head into a wall. I think he died too. The trailer has the right level of moodiness, but there's zero in-game footage. Lucky then, that Tim will have a full preview for you in a few minutes.

PC Gamer US Podcast #265: Sad Nun

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Josh leads Dan, Evan, and interns Anthony and Lucas into the podcasting bunker as they tackle the big news stories of the week. Topics include Crysis 2 impressions, Duke Nukem Forever's delay (and booty smacking), Deus Ex: Human Revolution's PC version being outsourced by Eidos, a lightning-round version of Truthiness and Falsity, answering your questions and much more!

PC Gamer US Podcast 265: Sad Nun