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Dustforce devs announce Spire, a procedurally generated first-person platformer

Tom Sykes at

Around this time last year, Hitbox Team released their wonderful speedrunning platform game Dustforce, a physics-perfect sidescroller with gorgeous art and music that I reckon passed a lot of people by. Now they've returned with a new project, a new genre (well, mostly), and one brilliantly evocative name: Spire. It's an FPS about "ascending a monolithic tower of unknown origin", but with walljumps, wall sliding and a "movement system that feels snappy like Dustforce". Well I'm sold.

Dustforce review

Lucas Sullivan at

Playing Dustforce whisks me away to some of my fondest and most formative gaming memories, when every ounce of my being was devoted to full completion of Donkey Kong Country 2 on my dingy Super Nintendo. Today, I’m grown up and paying off bills, but the elements that make a great platformer are pretty much the same. Sublime music, well thought-out controls, gorgeous graphics, and accessibility that scales into supreme difficulty—Dustforce possesses all these traits in glorious abundance.