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Crysis 3's advanced graphics settings revealed, high-res textures at launch confirmed

Evan Lahti at

Following reveal of Crysis 3's system requirements over the weekend, I’ve received confirmation from EA and Crytek of which precious secondary settings we'll be able to tweak in the game. If you remember, Crysis 2 launched with an anemic four tweakable options: v-sync, game resolution, HUD bobbing, and a general quality setting. A patch after release expanded these, and fan-made utilities helped out, but the good news is that EA and Crytek aren't shipping Crysis 3 in the same state.

Pretty up Crysis 2 with this mega texture enhancement pack

Craig Pearson at

I'm pretty sure at some point in the future, Crysis 2 will be in a Steam or Origin sale. And you might buy it and then be sickened to the core by the vile March 2011 level graphics. Ugh, I'm embarrassed that we accepted it as a game back then, with its DX11 shaders and an official HD texture pack that looks as muddy as the Mississippi. If you end up being that person, don't throw your monitor out the window. It would be expensive to replace and a purposeless waste. Instead, think back to the time when the handsome, witty PC Gamer writer told you all about MaLDoHD for Crysis 2, and made your textures sing.

Skyrim gets high resolution texture pack

Tom Senior at

Last week Bethesda mentioned that the Skyrim Creation Kit would arrive with a "special surprise." Rumours immediately appeared which hinted at an official high-res texture pack, rumours which turned out to be entirely true. You can download it now from Steam.

It could tax your machine a bit. Bethesda recommend the mod to those with "a minimum of 4GB of system RAM and a DirectX 9.0c compatible NVIDIA or AMD ATI video card with at least 1 GB of RAM and the latest drivers."

The pack adds three gigabytes worth of sharpened surfaces, which should hopefully clean up some of Skyrim's smeary walls and blurry rock textures. I quickly booted it up to have a look, but was stabbed by a barbarian while I was busy pushing my face into a wall :(