Hex appeal

Chaos Chronicles trailer shows turn-based hex combat, dramatic running

Omri Petitte at

Chaos Chronicles, a turn-based tactics RPG in development by Coreplay, is basically a pile of reminiscence. It combines hex combat, heavy fantasy, hooting male choirs, and a broad color palette. Troika's Temple of Elemental Evil springs to mind as battles rage within Chronicles' debut trailer, right down to that familiar feeling you get in your gut when you see your archer's face caved in by a troll's club. Chaos Chronicles is planned to release in 2013.

Super Hexagon hitting Steam next week, get your swear jars at the ready

Tom Sykes at

If you own an iWhatsit, then there's a good chance you've spent the last two months trying to beat Terry Cavanagh at his own game (his own game being the minimalist reflex test known as Super Hexagon). However, if you don't own an iWhatsit, you'll have had to make do with the original flash game, a clone, or watching the inside of a tumble dryer - until now. Cavanagh has just announced that Super Hexagon is coming to Steam next week.

Civilization V Game of the Year edition incoming

Tom Senior at

CVG bring news that a game of the year edition for Civilization V is just around the corner. It'll include all of the DLC packs that Firaxis have put out since launch, adding Polynesia, Inca, Vikings, the Mongols, Babylon and the Spanish, along with a batch of new maps and scenarios tailored to each civ. The bundle will cost $49.99 and will come out on September 27 in the US.

There aren't any details of a European release yet, but if you missed Civ V the first time around, the GOTY's a good way to grab it with most of the additional units and leaders, though last month's Korea and Wonders of the Ancient World DLC seem to be absent from the list. Read on for a summary of the bonus DLC that's included, and check out our Civilization V review to find out why we heartily recommend it.

Gary Grigsby's War in the East out soon, manual excerpts released

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The Gary Grigsby series of turn based strategy games has always provided intense and detailed simulations of major conflicts in modern history, and the latest entry in the series will be no different. This time Grigsby has relocated the action to the hexy tundra of the Eastern Front, focusing on the German-Soviet War of 1941-1945. An entire chapter of the manual has been released for the game, giving us an advanced look at how troop management will work. Read on for details.