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Heavy Gear Assault cancels Kickstarter campaign, seeks crowdfunding through own site

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Heavy Gear Assault developer Stompy Bot Productions have cancelled their Kickstarter after it failed to catch the enthusiasm of giant fighty mech lovers. Despite some impressive looking early tech demos and a promised episodic singleplayer campaign, the project raised only $44,981 of the $800,000 target since its launch over a month ago. Stompy Bot will now continue to seek crowdfunding through the game's website.

Heavy Gear Assault adds singleplayer stretch goals, Oculus Rift support

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Fans of multiplayer skirmishes between colossal walking death machines aren't exactly short of options at the moment, with both Hawken and MechWarrior Online providing free-to-play metal mayhem. That may be one of the reasons for the muted early response to the Heavy Gear Assault Kickstarter, which in its first week has made just $27,449 of the desired $800,000 goal, despite the impressive destruction tech on show.

For the team at the aptly named Stompy Bot Productions, that means an alteration to their plans. Now, in addition to the eSports chasing online battles, an episodic singleplayer mode will be added if the project reaches its target. Producer Vince Mcmullin released a video, explaining the new mode.

Heavy Gear Assault seeks to revive the franchise with awesome crumbly environments

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Because we can never have enough big stompy mechs, we've brought in some new friends to join Hawken and MechWarrior Online. Today's Kickstarter heavyweight is Heavy Gear Assault—yep, a continuation of the mech-based universe that spanned not only two Activision games in the late '90s, but also a tactical tabletop war game and a combat card game. So much stompery! Its new developers, a blend of hardcore gamers and industry vets, are hoping to convince you to chip into their $800,000 asking price by way of this helpful destruction demonstration.