Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends review

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“Ponder and deliberate before you make a move.” said Chinese general and strategist Sun Tzu his legendary Art of War. But if Tzu had written his opus in Dynasty Warriors’ vision of ancient China, it might have read: “Pummel the enemy with a massive club, then fire the club from a bow like an arrow.” or “If the enemy retreats, launch a fireball at them.”

There are 82 playable characters in Dynasty Warriors 8, all of whom have their own ludicrously over-the-top special attacks, weapons and personalities. They’re also based—very loosely—on real historical figures. Cao Cao can knock entire platoons of enemy soldiers off their feet with just a wave of his hand. Cai Wenji strums her harp to unleash a torrent of magical energy. Zhang Fei drinks wine to boost his attack and defence. Dong Zhuo throws bombs, and Zuo Ci fires purple lasers.

BioShock paraphernalia coming to Team Fortress 2

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Has the desire for hats, hats, delicious TF2 hats diminished over the last few years, or is the public's interest in digital head-adornment as strong as ever? I ask because Valve and Irrational are adding BioShock clobber to Team Fortress 2, and- hey, don't all load up the game at once. You'll need to buy BioShock Infinite's season pass on Steam to gain access to it, which I believe comes with a few pieces of downloadable content in addition to a very small selection of hats. Full details here.

Company of Heroes 2 tiered pre-order bonuses unlock TF2 hats, in-game currency, and more

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Company of Heroes 2 has rolled out its tiered pre-order goals on Steam, each of which will unlock a new level of free stuff for everyone who shells out for the Eastern Front rumble. Just for pre-ordering, you're guaranteed beta access and two medium vehicle skins (one for the Russkies, and one for the Germans). Three more unlockable tiers will be added if enough people pre-order the game.

Red Orchestra 2 now available for pre-purchase on Steam, bonuses detailed

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Preceding the game's August 30 release, Red Orchestra 2 is up for pre-sale on Steam. Tripwire also revealed a Digital Deluxe Edition of the game, currently discounted at $44.99, that includes access to the "final phase" of the RO2 beta, instant unlocks of four weapons, along with two TF2 hats and two Killing Floor skins.

Team Fortress 2 selling $100, $20, $7 hats for Japan aid

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Valve has just deployed a two-week sale on three unique Team Fortress 2 hats, the proceeds of which will go entirely to the American Red Cross fund. Respectfully, we feel obligated to give this promotion a plug: we know your hunger for conspicuous hat consumption, PC gamers, and any transaction that helps relieve the immense toll of this disaster benefits us all. Click within for a peek at the headgear.

Buy Left 4 Dead 2, get a hat and skillet in TF2

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If you've ever bought Left 4 Dead 2, or if you buy it before 4pm Pacific Standard Time today (that's 11pm, UK folks), you'll get Ellis's hat and a skillet in TF2. Look, a picture of the soldier threatening three tiny, quadriplegic Michelin Men that he's keeping in one!