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Bundle Stars deal offers 6 FPS games including Hard Reset, Zeno Clash 2

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There's probably enough loose change in your sofa right now to get in on the latest Bundle Stars deal. $3.98 will get you eight first-person shooters, with a nice variety of games that are basically nothing but shooting, and some with a little less shooting, such as Zeno Clash 2.

Humble Weekly Retro Shooter Bundle revisits late-90s shooter classics for a fistful of dollars

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The Humble Bundle continues to crank out the deals on a seemingly daily basis. Yesterday, Humble Indie Bundle 9 landed, and today the Humble Weekly Sale has arrived with a deal on some classic shooters like Shadow Warrior, Serious Sam, and Duke Nukem 3D. Paying more than $6.00 will also get you 2011’s flashy-but-troubled sci-fi shooter Hard Reset and the all-time classic System Shock 2.

Shadow Warrior teaser trailer announces the reboot that no one knew they wanted

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Shadow Warrior is a bit of a blip in the history of PC gaming. The 1997 FPS from the creators of Duke Nukem 3D attempted to parody bad kung fu movies by pouring Eastern themes all over Duke Nukem's technology.

New Hard Reset: Extended Edition screens show plant life that will soon be dead

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Hard Reset came out of nowhere last September and casually brushed aside overwrought, megabudget shooters with its timeless FPS run-and-gun style set against a gritty sci-fi backdrop. No cover, no regenerating health - just strafing and lots and lots of exploding robots. We docked it, however, for its brief campaign, lack of enemy variety, and somewhat limited cyperpunk color palette.

We got our hands on a new screens for Hard Reset: Extended Edition, and it looks like the devs have something to say on all three points: the expansion adds three additional hours, outdoor areas, four new enemy types, and an updated graphics engine. Check out those sunlight god-rays streaming through the windows, and the lush plant life giving off a refreshing green hue to the world. But will a few ferns a few new baddies be able to turn things around? We'll give you the official official rundown when it releases in March.

Standalone Hard Reset: Extended Edition set to launch in March

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Hard Reset was a futuristic love letter to first-person shooting's past, but it quickly succumbed to "if you've shot one million robots, you've shot 'em all" syndrome. Flying Wild Hog, though, isn't throwing in the towel after one go at robot-blasting nirvana. Coming in March 2012, Hard Reset: Extended Edition will be a standalone expansion with five new levels, four new enemies, upgraded graphics, and "additional gameplay elements" (via Blue's News).

As of now, Flying Wild Hog is "discussing" how it'll deliver the new content to owners of the original game. Personally, I'm hoping they'll bundle it with a free pony. But - if I were a betting man - I'd put my money on some sort of DLC.

Hard Reset review

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Bezoar isn’t a city. It’s an explosion with streets. Every plaza is piled high with toxic barrels, every kiosk and ATM wired so that a single overly-enthusiastic sneeze can spray arcs of lightning at anyone in sight.

Why? Because Hard Reset isn’t just a reference to what you’re expected to do to the army of killer robots infesting the city: it’s what the game tries to do to shooter design itself. It’s a back-to-basics FPS in a shiny modern engine, not so much throwing out such things as moral choices and fancy physics puzzles as declaring them officially irrelevant. It’s you versus roughly seventy squillion enemies, hoping to save at least slightly more of your futuristic home than you blow up.

New Hard Reset patch adds survival mode, 3D support

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You know what's great? Surviving. I can say - almost completely without reservation - that it's one of my favorite things to do. Sometimes, though, life feels purposeless. Bereft of meaning. Flat, one might say. Enter Nvidia's 3D Vision tech. It probably won't bring you lasting happiness and satisfaction, but it sure looks neat.

Happily, as of patch 1.2, Hard Reset now combines both of those things. Its new survival mode promises "wave after wave of robotic hell" on two new maps, and 3D Vision's now fully supported. These come in addition to a number of smaller changes, which can be viewed here. One of them apparently involves exploding gorillas, so count me in.

Hard Reset revised and simplified

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I'm still figuring out what I think of Hard Reset, but the 1.01 patch resolves some significant issues with the controls. In particular, switching between the N.R.G. Weapon and the firearm always felt fussy, and led to quite a few disastrous weapon-switches in the middle of combat. Putting the two weapons on a single swap key is a welcome change.

The sprint changes (see below) are interesting. Before the patch you you had to wait for your sprint bar to fill up completely before you could make another dash. Husbanding that sprint energy was a major component of battle strategy, especially since a lot of enemies will try to charge and corner you. Having just one burst to get out of trouble made combat a little more exciting and dangerous. But take what I say with a grain of salt: I still play System Shock 2 with weapon degradation.

Here is a selected list of changes. The full list is available on Hard Reset's Steam forum page.

Sprint (shortly) even while still recharging - Sprinting is now possible at any moment - you don't have to wait till the sprint bar fills up.
Sprint will now charge 20% faster than before.
Additional Mouse button bindings - You can bind the 4th and 5th mouse buttons.
Disable Weapon Cool-down period - Weapon cooldowns are disabled now. You can change weapon modes while the weapon is on cooldown.
Improved the time between switching between N.R.G. Weapon and CLN Firearm.
You are now able to switch difficulty midgame (the lowest difficulty ever chosen during the whole run determines the achievements unlocked)
Single Switch-Weapon Button - the F key will now switch between weapons.

PC Gamer US Podcast #287: SMAZ (Space Marines and Zombies)

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Slowly but surely, the intern takeover/revolution is beginning. Join us as Gavin leads Dan, Evan, Lucas, and newcomer intern Greg into battle, discussing their impressions of Warhammer 40k: Space Marine, Dead Island, Hard Reset, and the trials and tribulations of proximity mines in Goldeneye: Source. We also (attempt to) answer the age-old question: do unlocks in multiplayer FPS games enhance or encumber our experience?

PC Gamer US Podcast 287: SMAZ (Space Marines and Zombies)

Hard Reset demo out now

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A demo for cyberpunk electro-blaster Hard Reset is out now on Steam. The sturdy gigabyte download drops you into an alleyway with an enormous gun and some scurrying bots. Don't expect any scoping or cover system here. Let rip with your minigun on full automatic and shoot the future in the face.

It's pretty, too. The PC exclusive shooter is built on Flying Wild Hog's own Road Hog engine, designed from the ground up to render Hard Reset's glistening urban cityscapes. While you're waiting for the download to finish, have a read more about the devs' design philosophy in our Hard Reset interview.

It's out on September 13 and will cost just £22.99 / $29.99. You can pre-order now from Steam to get a 10% discount.

Interview—Hard Reset dev on Call of Duty, cyberpunk, Deus Ex, PC exclusivity

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In July, we blew the lid off Flying Wild Hog's cyberpunk-soaked love letter to shooters of yore, Hard Reset. But—after picking the lid shrapnel out of our charred flesh—we realized something: this isn't a typical game release. Big-budget PC exclusive? No multiplayer? Nothing about crying behind cover 70 percent of the time? We asked, and Flying Wild Hog founder Klaudiusz Zych answered. Read on for Zych's thoughts about Call of Duty, Deus Ex, phoned-in multiplayer, PC leaving consoles in the dust, and plenty more.

PCG US Podcast #280: Not California (+ an interview with Day9!)

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This week, Evan, Dan, Josh, and Lucas circle the wagons to address new cyberpunk FPS Hard Reset and 2K's recent comments that "strategy isn't contemporary" in light of its changes to XCOM. Josh recalls his pool party-filled time at SOE's Fan Faire and tells us his impressions on PlanetSide 2, and Evan tells us what a great time he's having on our new GoldenEye: Source server, tackles Tribes: Ascend, and more!

At the end of the podcast, Lucas sits down with one of PC gaming's most-loved men, Sean "Day9" Plott, to talk eSports, why attacking in StarCraft 2 is good, and his favorite card game.

PC Gamer US Podcast 280: Not California

Exclusive—Flying Wild Hog announces cyberpunk FPS Hard Reset

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We like being the first to tell you about a game. It's rare, though, that we announce something that's a mere two months away. Flying Wild Hog, a new studio, is releasing its debut game this September. It's called Hard Reset, and it's a PC-exclusive "dark sci-fi" FPS. Roughly, it's Blade Runner, The Matrix, and Painkiller rolled into a single-player-only flour tortilla.

Like some kind of Polish, game-developing Voltron, Flying Wild Hog was formed from members of People Can Fly (Painkiller), CD Projekt RED (The Witcher 2), and City Interactive (Sniper: Ghost Warrior). Read on for more details, the first trailer, and first screenshots.