Hacker group rains DDoS attacks down on Battle.net, Sony Online Entertainment and more

Shaun Prescott at

Hackers have targeted a range of gaming services including Battle.net, Sony Online Entertainment titles and League of Legends, among others. While the DDoS attacks have mostly been resolved, a Twitter account claiming to be responsible for the hacks is now targeting Xbox Live.

Why a CS:GO sale hurts CS:GO

Evan Lahti at

I want more people to play CS:GO. With caveats made for its flaws (64-tick servers, uninspiring stat tracking, the modest number of official maps, and imperfect cheat detection), CS:GO is the best competitive FPS on PC today. Until Evolve or Rainbow Six Siege come around, I expect that to continue uncontested.

But for the veteran player, someone who’s thrown hundreds of hours at that competitive mode, a CS:GO Steam sale like today’s—$7.49 / £5.99 until Friday—isn’t a happy event. It’s a harbinger of hackers and competition-souring “smurf” accounts.

Disrupt: hack for good or evil in an open cyberworld

Tom Sykes at

In another life, in another world I can well imagine that I became a hacker - it's just a shame that in this one I lack the programming ability, the quick typing fingers, and the shades-and-leather-trenchcoat combo that would be necessary to fit in with the hacking community. I imagine Other Me would be right at home in Disrupt, an upcoming hacking game that promises a "simulated cyber world of designated cities, including infrastructure such as police, medical, academic, electrical servers etc." It's a free-roaming hackathon featuring moral choices, side missions, and the ability to play as some sort of modern-day computer-nerd Robin Hood. I never realised how much I wanted that until now. Trailer below, if you can infiltrate the firewall I like to call 'the break'.

Quadrilateral Cowboy trailer teases cute robots, stealth hacking and ramen

Phil Savage at

Blendo Games' Brendon Chung broke into LA's indie game festival IndieCade over the weekend, and uploaded this Quadrilateral Cowboy trailer to spread, like a virus, through the event's many terminals. Okay, so it's more likely that he was "invited", and chose to "premier" the trailer, but that seems less in the spirit of the 20th century infiltration adventure.

New Watch Dogs video shows how to hack like a vigilante

Patrick Carlson at

A new Watch Dogs video deals with a fundamental—but still mysterious—aspect of the upcoming game, namely that the glass and metal devices so many of us carry around in our pockets could grant us real power beyond that of a handy telephone or camera. It's a seductive premise, and one that developer Ubisoft Montreal goes to some lengths to detail in the new footage.

Former eSports team manager charged in hacking conspiracy

Perry Vandell at

Dmitry ‘ddd1ms’ Smilianets, the former leader of the pro team Moscow 5, has been officially charged with a computer hacking conspiracy and conspiracy to commit wire fraud along with three other Russians and a Ukrainian. According to the U.S. government, Smilianets and company stole and sold more than 160 million credit and debit card numbers.

Wetware trailer uploads real time hacking strategy into your eyes

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Wait, am I allowed to write about something called "Wetware" on a family-friendly website? Oh, right, it's a hacking game. That makes more sense. In fact, it's that particular strand of completely unrealistic neon-blue hacking game that transports you to the cheerily ridiculous and tension filled world inhabited by films like the cheesy, but excellent Hackers.

Watch Dogs developers consult with internet security firm for more realistic hacking

Ian Birnbaum at

Ubisoft Montreal is making an effort to present players of the upcoming Watch Dogs with a more realistic depiction of hacking than usual. The studio behind Far Cry and Assassin’s Creed is recruiting help from internet security firm Kaspersky Lab to flesh out the “sexed-up” depiction of hacking found in, oh, every Hollywood movie ever.

Quadrilateral Cowboy: watch Brendon Chung walk through a hacking heist

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Blendo Games' upcoming Quadrilateral Cowboy is probably one of my most anticipated games of the year. It's a stylish first-person hacking sim, in which you complete simulated heists - infiltrating buildings with custom command prompts that disable the compound's security. In this PAX East video, courtesy of Kotaku, you can see Blendo's Brendon Chung show a taste of what to expect.


Battle.net hacked: change your password after intrusion detected, account information accessed

Tyler Wilde at

Batten down the virtual hatches, Battle.net has been breached. Blizzard has posted notification of an illegal intrusion into its network during which e-mail addresses and encrypted passwords were accessed.

For players on North American servers, the intruders also accessed secret question answers and information relating to Authenticators, but Blizzard does not believe enough information was stolen to access accounts. The company also states that it does not have evidence suggesting real names, addresses, or credit card numbers were accessed.

Four steps to recover from MMO account hacking

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Everyone who has been hacked can tell you a nasty tale of stolen goods and naked characters. It's not an experience you'd wish on your worst enemy. Well, maybe that one guy who ganked you for hours in your favorite MMO. Yet the process of recovery doesn't have to be so frustrating and confusing. In our latest issue we walked you through four steps to help you get back in the game with a smile. Check inside for a full-sized printable page to prevent the "I've been hacked" blues.

Click the image below to see the full page.

Crack the Deus Ex: Human Revolution code

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Have you seen the cryptic code on the Deus Ex: Human Revolution title screen? Reddit has, and its codebreakers are already at work. A URL? An SQL injection? Part of a longer reference to Megadeth? All theories are welcome, and if you're looking for a hacking challenge slightly more involved than realising you can click multiple nodes at once when attacking systems, here you go.

This mysterious code follows up promises of a special announcement yesterday, which could be anything from DLC to news of an expansion, to a slightly premature celebration of Deus Ex at least temporarily kicking Zumba Fitness from its perch on the Top 10. At the very least, it looks like there's something interesting on the way, regardless of how long it takes this code to be cracked open.