World of Tanks market system hacked, account details leaked online

Tom Sykes at

If you play Wargaming.net's World of Tanks, you're going to want to change your password now. PlaySpan, the system used to conduct real money transactions in the MMO, has been hacked, with over two million account details being leaked online, including email addresses, user IDs, and encrypted passwords. Credit card information doesn't appear to have been at risk, but if you use the same password for other games or sites, we'd recommend changing it to something else. And no, not 'Password1'.

453,000 Yahoo passwords exposed, hackers claim

Adam Oxford at

Nearly half a million usernames and passwords apparently taken from a Yahoo service have been posted online by hacking group D33Ds Company last night. The leak, which was picked up by Ars Technica, is believed to contain credentials taken from Yahoo's Voices social network/blogging service.

Yahoo has yet to comment on the leak or confirm which service was attacked, although it has said that it is preparing a statement.