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The best events in MMOs this Halloween

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Halloween is fast approaching, the spirits are getting restless and trick or treaters are preparing to walk the earth in search of sweets. It doesn't matter how good their costumes are, they're not going to be able to compete with some of the Halloween events happening in the gaming world. Guild Wars, Aion, City of Heroes and Global Agenda are all running special Halloween events. Read on for an overview of the horrors that lie in store.

Guild Wars 2 post-release content plans - Updated

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Lead Game Designer Eric Flannum, while discussing the upcoming dungeon system in a recent interview with PC Gamer, revealed that Guild Wars 2 may be supported, in part, by microtransaction sales.

Updated with clarification from ArenaNet

Guild Wars 2 to reward Guild Wars players with sweet loot

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Arenanet have announced that players will be able to use the achievements of their Guild Wars 1 characters to unlock some tasty loot in Guild Wars 2. They've even put together a calculator so you can input the name of your character and get an advanced peek at your rewards. If you don't have a Guild Wars character you can still check out the demo calculator and get a preview of the sort of loot you can expect to be picking up when the game's released next year.