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Guild Wars 2 will be free to play this weekend, starting Friday

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Guild Wars 2 was hyped to be the MMO for people who don’t like MMOs, and it has certainly been doing well. Chris loved the game, and NCSoft has been selling copies by the millions.

Guild Wars 1 "thriving," may "last forever," developer says

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An electronic afterlife is tough to find in gaming. The old makes room for the new in ways that can sometimes be brutally disruptive. Guild Wars 1 developer ArenaNet is working to ensure the community behind the 2005 MMORPG has enough support to live far into the future, according to recent comments by lead content designer Mike Zadorojny (via Eurogamer).

Guild Wars 2 is now cheaper by ten bucks

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Because warring should be available for everyone. That's according to ArenaNet, anyway, which has cited player accessibility as one of their primary reasons for the adjustment.

Support for original Guild Wars goes automated, as ArenaNet focus on its sequel

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In a move that can only lead to a Skynet-style machine takeover of the world of Tyria, development and manned support for the original Guild Wars has (largely) come to an end. Bug fixes and regular tournaments will continue, but these will be scheduled and maintained through automation, possibly by a single blinking LED light in the heart of ArenaNet's server room. If you're worried that this might mean an imminent end for the eight-year-old game, fear not, as the team hope that this self-sustaining move will "keep Guild Wars running in the years to come."

Guild Wars 2's Mad King Thorn makes a big halloween entrance by exploding out of a lion

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The dramatic entrance is an art that only the most fearsome villains have truly mastered. Mad King Thorn has chosen to invade Guild Wars 2 by jumping out of a crumbling lion, thoroughly outdoing himself in the process. The one-time event kicked off the start of Act 3 of the spectacular Guild Wars 2 halloween event that has so far granted players access to a spooky halloween realm featuring a huge jumping puzzle set around a crumbling clock tower. the Mad King's appearance also left a big hole in the middle of Lion's Arch, which serves as a portal to a boss instance where players can take on ol' pumpkin face himself.

The dramatic, one-off emergence of the Mad King in Lion's Arch (now sans lion), was filmed by MMORPG for posterity, and another player has recorded themselves mastering the clock tower jumping puzzle. Watch both videos below.

Guild Wars 2 Halloween update video: Chris and Tom try on costumes, throw things at kids

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Guild Wars 2's 'Shadow of the Mad King' update launches tonight, adding Halloween-themed decorations, mini-games and events throughout the human kingdom of Kryta. In this video, Tom S and I take a quick look at the redesigned Lion's Arch and Mists areas, some spooky costumes, and a few of the new items. We also throw heavy vegetables at children, which is neither appropriate nor advisable.

Guild Wars 2 introductory video shows the ropes for new and returning players

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Plenty of ambitious adventurers piled onto Guild Wars 2's awaiting servers when it launched in late August, taking the fight to Tyria's tyrants with sword, board, staff, pistol, cutlass, and...well, you get the idea. As is typical for most big-budget MMO releases, a fair share of on-the-fence gamers lingered with concerns over whether ArenaNet's social-minded design was right for them. Now, the developer's latest expository trailer hopes to sway some fresh faces with a rundown of Guild Wars 2's fundamentals. Check it out inside, but make sure to read our review as well if you're still pondering on plunging in.

Guild Wars 2 review

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Players gather on the staircase leading down to the Ascalonian catacombs, filling local chat with group requests. A few run about, periodically charging up a nearby hill to repel another assault by harpies on a Durmand Priory dig site. Others dance, or run a sleep emote. A significant number are crammed in underneath the waypoint that links this part of the plains of Ashford to the rest of the world of Tyria.

Guild Wars 2's final beta weekend unlocks two never-before-playable races

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The weekend of July 20th will play host to Guild Wars 2's final beta weekend, just a touch over a month before its highly-anticipated August 28th ship-date. New to this pre-release swan song will be the ability to finally play as Tyria's two previously locked races: the Asura and the Sylvari. Fans of steampunk gnomes and photosynthetic, tree-hugging elf people rejoice!

Guild Wars 2 release date announced. Return to Tyria on August 28th

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Finally! Guild Wars 2 has to be one of the most anticipated games of the year, but ArenaNet have always been coy about when the game is actually coming out. Not any more. As the above trailer declares, Guild Wars 2 will arrive on August 28th.

Carbine Studios' dev hosting reddit AMA on his 18 years in the MMO industry

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Jeremy Gaffney co-founded Turbine (Asheron's Call, Lord of the Rings Online, Dungeons & Dragons Online) in 1994. He was lead programmer on Ultima Online 2 before helping found Destination Games in 2001, which later became the US headquarters for NCsoft (Guild Wars, City of Heroes, Lineage II). Nowadays he's an executive producer, working on Wildstar at Carbine Studios.

He just started an Ask Me Anything thread on reddit to answer any and all questions regarding the games he's worked on and the MMO industry as a whole.

Guild Wars 2 beta key giveaway

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You there! Yes you behind the keyboard, how do you fancy a delicious taste of Guild Wars 2? It seems Arenanet are having another beta weekend on the 8th-10th of June, but to join in, you'll need a key. How do you get one of those? Well you can get one by pre-ordering the game, or you can get on the the 1500 we're giving away. Yes, you can finally have a chance to see if Guild Wars 2 really is as amazing as it promises to be.

How to preserve your Guild Wars character name in Guild Wars 2

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Reserving your Guild Wars character name for use in Guild Wars 2 is easy: just log in to Guild Wars. Any "active" Guild Wars player -- meaning you've logged in since Jan 1, 2012 -- will have his or her name added to a list which will be active during GW2's Headstart Access period and launch day. During those periods, new players will not be able to claim your name.

Guild Wars' Winds of Change concludes on a high note

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Like a turbulent gust blowing off the Jade Sea, the latest installment of Guild Wars’ Winds of Change clears away the heavy fog that has been hanging over players since learning of the Ministry of Purity's duplicity. With the Ministry not as innocent as it once seemed, the Kurzicks and the Luxons at it again, and Cantha in peril, heroes are needed. Who will answer this call? Why the players of course!

With the nine new quests available, as well as new rewards both in game and in the store, players will have plenty of fat lootz to entice them back to the adventure in Winds of Change.

Guild Wars 2 Mesmer revealed, can summon clones armed with magic shotguns

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As expected, the latest Profession to be revealed for Guild Wars 2 is the Mesmer. As you might expect from the name, Mesmers specialise in using mind tricks and illusion to defeat their enemies. It's a less subtle art than you might expect. Auras of invisibility and doppelganger companions are all standard fare for your average combat magician. It's the portal/laser beam sword combination that really sells the profession. It looks perfect for some high level PvP trolling and, with skill names like "Chaos Storm" and "Mind Wrack," feels like a powerful addition to the Guild Wars 2 roster.

You can find out more about the specific abilities the Mesmer will be able to wield on the new Mesmer section of the Guild Wars 2 site. Meanwhile, here are twelve new screenshots of the various Mesmer warriors from the trailer above.

Guild Wars continues Winds of Change trilogy, doesn't ask for a dime

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Guild Wars 2 may be hogging the spotlight, but that doesn't mean its predecessor is quitting, you know, life. Currently, Guild Wars is smack dab in the middle of its Winds of Change update trilogy, which is itself part of the Beyond trilogy. I know, I know: it's a loregasm for longtime fans, but confusing as hell for everyone else. Here, however, is what you need to know: there's free stuff incoming today - and tons of it at that.

Guild Wars 2 trailer and screenshots show off the Asura

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[bcvideo id="1161362337001"]
The Asura are the tiniest of Guild Wars 2's races, and the most likely to frolic around the place making merriment. They seem to live in a giant stone Rubik's Cube held together by magic and giggles. They do demand some respect, however, on account of their exceptional intelligence, engineering talent and tendency to roll around battlefields in giant magical mech suits with golem companions.

They've got quite a torrid history, too, detailed in the updated Asura page on the Guild Wars 2 website. The Asura used to live underground, until they accidentally burrowed into the home of an Elder Dragon champion known as The Great Destroyer. That did not end well. Now they live in gravity-warping palaces that hang above the planet and use their high-tech portals to travel from land to land.

ArenaNet reveal more about how they set about creating the Asura's extraordinary homelands in their Asura environments blog post. You can see how the concept art turned out in the five screenshots below, which also show some of their pleasingly stompy magical golems.

Free Guild Wars update to add new areas, heroes and quests

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A huge Guild Wars update is landing on Thursday. The patch will add a new hub location for adventurers called Embark Beach. From here, teams will be to get together and fast travel to any locations they have unlocked, making it much easier to get straight into the quests. The limit on the number of heroes you can recruit any one time has also been increased from three to seven, letting you tailor even more powerful retinue, and there's also a new Mercenary Slot feature, which will let you clone and play alongside your own alt characters.

On top of all this there will also be new daily quests, a new minion UI to let you control your pets directly, and changes to how you get drunk in the game. Read on for more details and the first screens.

Guild Wars free Hearts of the North update is out

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Guild Wars has recently kicked off a series of free updates in the run up to the release of Guild Wars 2, setting up some of the major characters and factions of the Guild Wars universe. The second update, Hearts of the North, has just been released, and it asks players to help reunite two legendary heroes and help them tie the knot. To celebrate, there are also a number of wedding outfits on sale in the store. Read on for more details.

Guild Wars' latest update with love [giveaway]

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Guild Wars 2 is getting closer and closer to launch, and ArenaNet's been updating Guild Wars with all sorts of great content to kick-start players' transitions into the sequel. These content updates, packaged under the banner of "Guild Wars Beyond", are meant to bridge the gab between the two games' story and characters. The latest addition, Heart of the North, will be hitting live servers later this month and lets you help you bring two lovers together...with your sword.

Contest: See how you can win in-game Guild Wars items after the interview!