Guild Wars 2 Beta

Guild Wars 2's final beta weekend unlocks two never-before-playable races

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The weekend of July 20th will play host to Guild Wars 2's final beta weekend, just a touch over a month before its highly-anticipated August 28th ship-date. New to this pre-release swan song will be the ability to finally play as Tyria's two previously locked races: the Asura and the Sylvari. Fans of steampunk gnomes and photosynthetic, tree-hugging elf people rejoice!

Guild Wars 2 beta reopening next week for four hour stress test

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ArenaNet have announced a four hour stress test of Guild Wars 2, running from 7pm to 11pm CEST (6pm-10pm BST/1pm-5pm EDT) on Wednesday 27th of June. If you've previously taken part in one of the game's beta weekends, then all you'll need to do is update the client and log in.

It's a good chance to snatch a few more hours of time with the game while we wait for the next proper beta session. Of course, that's not the point - the point is to help ArenaNet get their ducks in a row in advance of the game's release. Of course, if Guild Wars 2 relies on tidily arranged ducks to function properly then they've probably got bigger problems.

Guild Wars 2 pre-orders come with beta access, £130/$150 Collector's Edition comes with big cat

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Guild Wars 2 will be available to pre-purchase in a few weeks. Anyone who grabs the standard digital edition, the digital deluxe edition or the physical collector's edition will get access to every beta event, entry to a three day headstart session and an in-game Hero's Band, which will offer you a few stat boosts for your new character.

If you've got £130/$150 lying around, and have a domestic cat you'd quite like to scare, the collector's edition comes with a 10 inch tall statue of one of Tyria's fiercest feline warriors, The Charr. His name is Rytlock Brimstone. He has a giant flaming sword and quite likes small fluffy things.

There's lots more in the box. The standard box will cost $60. Read on for a list of what you'll get in the digital deluxe and collector's editions.