Guido Henkel

Deathfire: A new first-person RPG in development by Planescape's Guido Henkel

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The last time we heard from Guido Henkel, one of the original producers of Planescape: Torment, it was in connection with his Thorvalla Kickstarter. That particular effort fell significantly short of its funding goal, but Henkel has bounced back with Deathfire. It's a first-person, real-time RPG described as similar to Legend of Grimrock, and will be a more linear, story-driven game made with a smaller team and scope than Thorvalla would have required.

Thorvalla is a Norse-themed RPG from one of the producers of Planescape: Torment

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A Kickstarter has gone live for Thorvalla, a new "old school" computer RPG being created by Planescape: Torment producer Guido Henkel. Set in a Norse-influenced fantasy universe where people tame and ride dragons, the project follows in the footsteps of some other Black Isle alumni that did pretty well for themselves with Project Eternity. Henkel is asking for a million dollars, slightly less than the original goal that Obsidian thoroughly crushed, but details on the game are currently very scarce.