Dark Souls 2 beginners guide: how to stay alive (longer)

Ben Griffin at

Ben Griffin knows his Dark Souls 2. His veins don’t so much course with blood as Rouge Water, and his skeleton consists entirely of Homeward Bones. He sees the world through Cracked Red Eye Orbs. He feels it in his Soul Vessel and he processes it in his Petrified Lump. Who better in all of Drangleic, then, to guide you through its perilous first ten hours? If you want fewer reminders that ‘YOU DIED’, read on for 14 tips, tricks and secrets worth their weight in Gold Pine Resin.

How to play Saints Row 3 as a toilet

Graham Smith at

Saints Row 3 is the unrestricted id of gaming smeared across an open world city. It's brash, juvenile, violent and obsessed with toilet humour. So much so that you can play the game as a toilet.

Watch the video above, and then read on for how you can easily do it yourself in an instant and without mods.

The PCG guide: Get everything out of Rift’s 1.3 event while you can – Phase 2

Jonathan H. Cooper at

Phase 2 of Rift's 1.3 update has begun, and with it comes several new opportunities to take advantage of new content. Just as was the case in the first Phase, there are a few daily missions, an event, and a new quest that's triggered by an item dropped by Water and Death Rifts. But the time you have to do them is limited, so you'd best read our guide and learn the ins and outs of the new features, so you don't waste a single moment in Telara.

The PCG guide: Get everything out of Rift's 1.3 event while you can - Phase 1

Jonathan H. Cooper at

Rift’s recent 1.3 update started the Waves of Madness, a multi-phase live event that will conclude with the opening of the Hammerknell raid instance in a couple weeks. The patch brought new companion pets and Item Sets, among other cosmetic and balance changes. But before the doors to the forsaken dwarven city open up, there's going to be several weeks of exclusive, limited-time content for you to play and earn unique rewards from. But once it's gone, it's gone forever. Luckily, we have you covered--we're putting together guides over the next few weeks to help you get the most out of each Phase's content while it's hear for the conquering.