GTA 4 mod lets you take selfies

Phil Savage at

GTA 4 modders do a good trade in bringing Rockstar's 6-year-old open world epic in line with its soon to be released on PC sequel. That and turning Niko into a horse. Here's another feature that the community have crowbarred back into the older game: selfies.

Modders return GTA IV to San Andreas hood

Richard Cobbett at

Take Two for the day in more ways than one, I guess. Along with the viral fun of GTA V mentioned earlier, an exciting project just hit a big milestone over on ModDB - a recreation of San Andreas for the GTA IV engine, along with races, gang wars, and a new set of interiors in Las Venturas. It's 2GB of Not California goodness, and here's the download link if you want to drop in and take a look around.

Want to see a little more before redownloading the whole of GTA and packing the car for a nostalgia trip? There's also a preview trailer to watch, which you'll find... right... wait for it...

What we want from GTA 5

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In five days, we'll get our first look at GTA V in the announcement trailer. But for now, all we know is this: it has a V in it. So what are we hoping for this time around? What did GTA IV get right, where did it fail, and where does the series need to go next? We've gathered our thoughts into deliciously digestible list form. Add yours in the comments.