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Doom 2 Byngu mod turns multiplayer marines into cars from hell

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It all makes sense now. Doom 2's nefarious UAC wasn't experimenting on secret portal technology within its shadowy Martian facility. As creator Mr. Fiat's Byngu multiplayer mod reveals, the morally bankrupt corporation was attempting to create the unholy combination of cars, fireball spam, and gladiator-style arena fights. Those monsters.

EpiQuake mod updates sounds, music with high-quality recordings

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The first Quake helped define the FPS genre dominating the gaming industry today, but it also represented one of the earliest collaborations with a musical band. Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor engineered the majority of the familiar roars, blams, and brooding score of the old-school shooter, though what's heard doesn't hold up well with today's audio standards. That's a problem modder beckett007 hopes to fix with his EpiQuake mod which replaces nearly the entirety of Quake's sound library with original high-fidelity effects and musical tracks.

OldUnreal patch 227 overhauls Epic's FPS classic

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Emerging from the flaming wreck of the Vortex Rikers and into the sweeping vista of a Na Pali evening set to the swelling ambiance of "Dusk Horizon" is my most firmly etched memory of Unreal. It's prime reinstall fodder—if not for the sheer scale of its levels, then for its challenging, squirrely AI enemies. Rock, Paper, Shotgun spotted a mod only sweetening the experience: OldUnreal 227, a fan-made overhaul carrying Epic's blessing that provides "a new, completely overworked, and fixed" Unreal.