Greed Corp


Indie Royale's Winter Bundle keeps you warm with Greed Corp, Bit Trip Runner, and others

Phil Savage at

While other bundles go off chasing publishers, Indie Royale remains, as the name implies, decidedly indie. This time they're celebrating the impending long, cold nights of winter with retro rainbows and the harsh, uncaring philosophy of hard capitalism. No, I don't see the connection either.

Greed Corp review

Phill Cameron at

Greed Corp brings a whole new meaning to the words ‘resource management’. Here the resource isn’t gold, or geysers, or forests. It’s the very ground you walk on, each block of which can be mined and drained until it crumbles into the abyss. It’s this that gives the game a unique kind of strategy.

You need resources to build troops and buildings, but the harvesting of those resources limits your tactical options. It’s an inversion of the way classic RTS games play out: instead of slowly getting more powerful over the course of a game, you’re weakening yourself, just to keep up with your opponents. By the end of a match, you’re lucky if there’s more than one or two solitary islands jutting out of the nebulous clouds that blanket the distant ground.