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Gratuitous Tank Battles creator: free-to-play "doesn't ask you to value the game until you already feel you own it"

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The concept of distributing a game for no cost, once the domain of Facebook app-clones and mobile platforms, has quickly become commonplace in PC gaming. We've all seen clear evidence of such a phenomena, from the lessened emphasis on subscription models in MMOs to the availability of quality multiplayer shooters like Tribes: Ascend from a single download. In a blog post, Positech Games head and Gratuitous Tank Battles creator Chris Harris says the psychology of free gaming boils down to letting players set their own sense of worth before asking for money.

Gratuitous Tank Battles treads new ground in Western Front expansion

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Positech's inspired tower defence/strategy game Gratuitous Tank Battles has just been given an expansion, which returns the tank-obsessed title to its World-Warring roots. The DLC, available for a modest £4.84, adds new American and German WWII units, plus a new single-player campaign comprising eight maps.

Gratuitous Tank Battles review

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Gratuitous Tank Battles is the result of experimentation with the tower defence genre, yielding a strategy game where you attack as much as entrench. Experimentation with units means players can make their own machines and turn them on their foes. And experimentation with AI means the computer can use your creations against you in an endless arms race of tanks, mechs and laser-toting Tommies.

Gratuitous Tanks Battles gets gratuitous demo

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Gratuitous Tank Battles now has a demo! Blue's News noticed the appearance of the 'demo' icon on the Gratuitous Tank Battles site. Clicking on that will start the 71 MB download and give you a chance to play a few missions, design a few units, and get hooked on GTB's moreish blend of tower defence and carefully planned lane assaults. You can select an option that will let the AI steal your unit designs and use them against you, essentially letting you create your very own baby version of Skynet. D'awww.

Pre-order Gratuitous Tank battles and get access to the beta

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Which do you prefer? Tanks or spaceships? Actually, it doesn't really matter. Despite the name, Gratuitous Tank Battles is far more than just a re-skin of 2009's Gratuitous Space Battles, which put an emphasis on pre-engagement preparation instead of real-time commanding. It also featured the most spectacular 2D space battles I've ever seen.

Positech's new game is set in an alternate reality where the Great War continues to rage. "Soldiers still fight in the trenches of the Somme, although rifles have (mostly) become laser rifles and giant armored mechs stride across no-mans land," reads the official website. Play on offence, and you'll be tasked with taking a squadron of customised tanks in to battle. We're talking proper customisation too: chassis, guns, armour and the likes. You can even paint your tanks silly colours. If you're more of the defensive type, you can create maps of turrets and future weaponry for other players to conquer. Read our full preview here.

Gratuitous Tank Battles is available to pre-order from the official website for $22.95/£14.63. I've embedded their most recent trailer below.

Gratuitous Tank Battles trailer battles tanks gratuitously

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What would the word be like in a hundred years time if the leaders of the major nations in The Great War never called it a day. There would be gratuitous giant robots, of course, tanks, trenches, laser beams and huge flamethrower towers at strategic intervals. See all of these in action in the latest trailer for Gratuitous Tanks Battles, spotted over on RPS.

Gratuitous Tank Battles announced. Aims to be "Blackadder Goes Forth with lasers"

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Positech Games, the one man studio behind Kudos, Democracy and Gratuitous Space Battles, has announced its newest title, Gratuitous Tank Battles. Set in an alternate future where a war has been raging for 200 years, the game promises "It'll all be over by Christmas 2114."