GTX Titan Black vs. GTX 780 Ti: which is the ultimate gaming GPU?

Dave James at

Nvidia’s GTX Titan Black was released to the public a few months back. I'll admit that it didn’t interest me much. With standard GTX 780 Ti cards retailing for some £300 / $500 less than the price of the GTX Titan Black, and with almost identical specs, I got the feeling that it was only really relevant for the homebrew 3D rendering crowd.

But Nvidia have been marketing it as the “the ultimate gaming GPU for a pure gaming experience—the perfect balance of sleek design, uncompromising performance, and state-of-the-art technologies.” That would seem to indicate that it had been designed for PC gamers, so let's take a look.

SIGGRAPH 2013 technology trailer showcases experimental graphics, drool-worthy physics

Ian Birnbaum at

An incredible new trailer has been released for SIGGRAPH 2013, a long-running technical papers program focused on computer graphics and interactive technology. While most of the voiceover narration went completely over my head, I did enjoy looking at the pretty pictures.

Crytek CEO: graphics are "60 percent of the game"

Daniel Starkey at

How much do graphical quality and verisimilitude contribute to the fun and immersiveness of a game? The question has been debated inconclusively for decades, but that hasn't stopped Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli from putting a pretty fine point on a figure in a brief interview with X360,

Khronos releases OpenGL 4.3

Adam Oxford at

As if to reinforce all the recent talk that there may be another way for PC gaming, open source steering group Khronos has announced the latest update to OpenGL. Release 4.3 brings the cross platform API more or less up to parity with Direct X 11.1 in terms of what it can and can't do for 3D games, and improves the ability of developers to port code from mobile and browser games to a native client.

The announcement was made yesterday at the graphics industry event SIGGRAPH, and marks 20 years of OpenGL development. At the same time, Khronos also announced updates to its API for browser based 3D games, WebGL, its mobile phone spec OpenGL ES and its GPGPU instruction set, OpenCL.