Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer will arrive at 4pm

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Last week Rockstar announced that GTA 5 is coming, with word that the debut trailer will drop on 11.02.11. That's today! A countdown on the Rockstar site tells us that the new trailer will go live in just three and a half hours (and counting).

Rumours have been flying around the internet all week. The strongest murmurs hint at a Los Angeles setting, which would dash our hopes of a GTA set on the moon, or in 18th century London. Whatever the setting, and whoever the protagonist, there are a few things that we really want from GTA 5, not least a fully optimised PC version released alongside the console edition on release day.

We have no idea what the trailer will show. Hopefully it's not just 30 seconds of logos and then a big floating dollar symbol. Describe your perfect GTA 5 trailer for us in the comments below, and we'll compare them against the real thing when it goes live in a few hours time. We'll be posting it as soon as it appears.

What we want from GTA 5

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In five days, we'll get our first look at GTA V in the announcement trailer. But for now, all we know is this: it has a V in it. So what are we hoping for this time around? What did GTA IV get right, where did it fail, and where does the series need to go next? We've gathered our thoughts into deliciously digestible list form. Add yours in the comments.

Grand Theft Auto V trailer incoming, also GTA V is a thing now

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Grand Theft Auto V has just been splattered all over the front page of the Rockstar website with a simple declaration. TRAILER: 11.02.11. That was a surprise. Everything we know about the new Grand Theft Auto is contained in that logo. It could be anything. What are you hoping for from GTA V?