EVE Online top player was US official killed in Libya

Marsh Davies at

Rest in peace Sean Smith, known to EVE players as Vile Rat, a senior figure who held many of the strings that made the game's universe dance. Smith, a US state department official, was killed yesterday during an attack on the US consulate in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi.

Nowhere is safe in EVE Online as Goonswarm suicide-bombs galactic trade hub

Josh Augustine at

Jita is the most populated system in the entire galaxy of EVE Online. It is far from the dangers of null sec, an incredibly safe zone guarded by a deadly NPC police force with impeccable response time. Hundreds of billions of ISK move between players every day as the rich traders and industrial overlords manufacture the goods that fuel the entire game and trade them on the well-protected markets in Jita, the heart of the Empire.

That was before last night. Today, Jita is a chaotic mess, trapped in the middle of an anarchistic suicide bombardment months in the making. We talk to members of Goonswarm, the group behind the attack that's continuing all weekend, to try to find out what the crazy players of EVE Online are up to this time.