GoldenEye: Source

Ten top fan-remade classics you can play for free right now

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This article came together by accident. I was fighting through the backlog of games I had on my PC, when I realised that I'd played three amazing fan remakes in a row. Black Mesa, The Dark Mod, and Pioneer were all lined-up beside some of the year's biggest releases, and I barely even took stock of where they came from or how they came to be. They just seemed like great games and I wanted to play them. They are, and they're not alone: the PC's capacity to enable fans to engage with their favourite games in the most direct way possible has given us piles of amazing games to play, and here are ten of my favourites.

The complete list of PC Gamer's US game servers

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Here at PC Gamer we like to play PC games. Sometimes, we even like to play them with other people. That’s why we’ve got a huge lineup of game servers hosted by Feel free to hop on whenever, or join us on Community Friday or during our other random events.

GoldenEye: Source v4.2 released, adds AI bots for you to shoot

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Mod-homages and remakes are a favorite template of PC gaming's terrific species of tireless gnomes. Black Mesa: Source. Star Trek in Homeworld 2. MechWarrior in Crysis. Star Wars in like, everything.

PCG Plays: GoldenEye Source

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In this edition of PC Gamer Plays, we've harnessed the mystical powers of moving pictures to showcase one of our favorite mods: GoldenEye: Source. Check out the introduction above to set the stage, then find out why the remake comes so highly recommended in the following videos, which include a black tie duel against the mod's developers (spoiler: they're really good).

PC Gamer Digital Episode 4 now available!

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Has it already been a month since the first episode of PC Gamer Digital debuted? Time flies when you're breaking into police stations in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, exploring the floating city of BioShock Infinite, and exposing the shocking truth about helicopters in Arma 2—and that barely scratches the surface of where we've been.

PC Gamer Digital Episode 4 keeps up the pace. In this week’s edition, you’ll crash-land in the world of WildStar for a 360-degree interactive preview of the upcoming MMO, hear Ken Levine and other top developers sound off on what makes PC gamers unique, join us as we test our classic-shooter skills against the developers of GoldenEye: Source, and much more.

GoldenEye: Source released

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After five years of work, GoldenEye: Source is finally out of beta and free for everyone to download and play. This Half Life 2 mod brings a multiplayer adaptation of the famous Nintendo 64 shooter GoldenEye to the Source engine, complete with the most famous locations, characters and weapons from the original.

The complete list of PC Gamer's game servers

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Courtesy of the kind folks at Multiplay, PC Gamer maintains servers for various games. They're magical wonderlands where all your dreams can come true, especially if you dream of being ridden down a corridor with a crazed, giggling monkey-man on your head, or fighting developers inside their own games. Here's the current run-down of what we're playing and how you can join in.