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World of Warcraft Guardian Cub ready to take a bite out of gold farmers, available now

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The Guardian Cub pet has arrived in the World of Warcraft pet store, boosting WoW's cuteness levels by a solid 1.5%. The winged, purple, flaming lion cub will be able to follow you into the skies of Azeroth and is possibly the cuddliest thing ever conceived, but may also fill another important role. The Guardian Cub is World of Warcraft's first tradeable pet.

Unless fully equipped, the little $10 lion can be passed on to friends and fellow guild members as a gift, or traded for in-game gold in the auction house. In the official Guardian Cub FAQ Blizzard say that they made the Guardian Cub tradeable to give players a way to get a new pet within the game without having to visit the pet store. It also happens to give players a legitimate way to sell their pet for gold within Azeroth, effectively bypassing external gold farmer operations.

Blizzard on Diablo 3: gold farmers and players "really doing the same activity"

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Yesterday we reported that Diablo 3 will let you buy and sell items for real money. During the event, the inevitable question about gold farmers came up: doesn't this just make it safer and easier for them?

Executive producer Rob Pardo replied: "Theoretically that’s true, but I mean there’s really nothing… what’s the difference between a player that plays the game a lot and a gold farmer? I mean they’re really doing the same activity."

Blizzard strike back at World of Warcraft gold farmers

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Blizzard are using Paypal to take on gold farmers, using the money transfer service to deliver warnings to suspected offenders. Gold farmers could find their Paypal accounts suspended as a result.