Going Rogue

Issue 20 launches, brings raiding endgame to City of Heroes

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City of Heroes has been the patron saint of Superhero sim fans for the last seven years, providing them a safe haven to create new heroes or villains , develop elaborate backstories and experience the life of a masked crusader (for good or evil) in a mature environment since 2004. Cryptic (the original developers) and Paragon (currently in charge) have injected a lot of content into the game in the past seven years, but one thing that neither developer added to the game, before today, was raids. With today's big expansion, Issue 20, Paragon introduces the endgame staple of MMORPGs to CoH, with a few unique twists to make their own stand out.

What are devs doing on Going Rogue launch day?

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City of Heroes' latest expansion finally launches today! We've been talking with the developers over the past couple months to get the inside scoop on how they put the expansion together and and giving you a look into their processes. They've been working like crazy to get to this day, when players can finally play all their new content. So how are they feeling now? What are they going to do first in the game? And which of them are dastardly villains in disguise? We check in with them to find out all this and more!

Giveaway: We're giving away 10 mutant booster pack codes to CoH fans that tell us an anecdote from their time spent playing GR so far or what they're doing first when they get to play the GR expansion. The codes require that you have an existing account and winners will be picked tomorrow.