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Smite proving more successful than Tribes: Ascend, says Hi-Rez CEO

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A few months ago, Hi-Rez's Todd Harris announced that development on Tribes: Ascend was suspended, with the studio focusing its efforts their third-person DoTA-like Smite. As fans of that game grew concerned that its own continued development would eventually be in danger, the studio's CEO Erez Goren has posted a candid address to the Smite Reddit page, addressing Tribes' development, its financial troubles, and Smite's success in comparison. His comments also call into question their plans to release map-making tools for Tribes: Ascend.

Global Agenda review

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On release, Global Agenda made a bold attempt to combine third-person, Team Fortress 2-style arena gunplay with the levelling and loot of a traditional MMO. Now it’s free to play, which means everyone can sample its strange but satisfying mix of genres.

Global Agenda free-to-play gets five times the players, revenues "higher than they ever have been"

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Global Agenda has experimented with a number of different business models since it was released. It started as a typical retail game, then offered an unlimited trial period, and just recently it went completely free to play. We recently spoke with Hi-Res Studio COO Todd Harris about the move to the new pricing model. He told us that Global Agenda is enjoying five times the number of players since the shift to free to play, and revenues "are higher than they ever have been before."

Global Agenda patch 1.44 to add new maps and "cosmetic flair"

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A new Global Agenda update is set to arrive later today, adding new maps and a couple of new stores, one selling jetpacks, and another selling "cosmetic flair." The Global Agenda servers will be down for a few hours while the patch is applied, between 11:00 and 17:00 US Eastern time / 16:00 to 22:00 GMT.

Steam starts supporting free-to-play games

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It is frustrating that Valve insist on telling the world very important news just as everyone in the office turns off their PCs to go home. That leaves it to me to tell you that Valve have added microtransaction support for free-to-play games to Steam, with five available immediately: Champions Online: Free for All, Global Agenda: Free Agent, Spiral Knights, Forsaken Worlds, and Alliance of Valliant Arms.

Starting tomorrow, each of the five games will offer exclusive in-game content to those players who try out the "free-to-play game of the day." That likely means Champions Online will soon be inundated with new players wearing Pyro masks or wielding Gordon's crowbar, which can only be a good thing for all involved.

Read on for a few more thoughts.

April's best free PC games

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You know what? It's been a hell of a month for free games. Normally, when planning this column, I've to scour the internet high and low to locate some hidden gems. This month, they've been coming out of the walls, man! Special mentions should go to Picaroon, Space Engine and Pragmatica, all of which are worth a look, but read below the jump to find out which titles I've ended up loving the most.

Global Agenda to go free-to-play this month

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The mid April update to the massively online shooter Global Agenda will make the game free-to-play for all, according to a recent blog post from developers Hi Rez Studios. The update will let anyone download and play the game all the way up to the level 50 cap. You can pay a one off $19.99 / £13.99 / €15.99 fee to gain permanent Elite Agent status, which will increase your levelling speed and give you access to features like login priority, auction house and in-game mail. If you've already bought Global Agenda, you'll automatically gain Elite Agent status for no extra cost.

For more on the shooter's move to free-to-play, head over to the Global Agenda site.

Tribes Universe looking for alpha testers

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On Monday, of Hi-Rez Studios, the creators of Global Agenda, announced that they're working on a new Tribes game. Now they're putting out a call for alpha testers. Read on for details on how to sign up.

The best events in MMOs this Halloween

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Halloween is fast approaching, the spirits are getting restless and trick or treaters are preparing to walk the earth in search of sweets. It doesn't matter how good their costumes are, they're not going to be able to compete with some of the Halloween events happening in the gaming world. Guild Wars, Aion, City of Heroes and Global Agenda are all running special Halloween events. Read on for an overview of the horrors that lie in store.

Giveaway-- Play with PCG Global Agenda

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Are you ready for Wednesday Night's Global Agenda Event? This is your less-than-24-hours reminder. As mentioned earlier, PC Gamer will be having an event in-game trying our hands on Oasis Checkpoint of Doom. We can't wait to blast some spooky ghouls with you in our finely crafted PC Gamer brand power suits, and hope you'll join us in-game tomorrow!

The details:

Wednesday, October 27, at 4PM PST
Players must be level 30 to be able to join in the raid.
Raids will occur every 30 minutes

Make up a battle cry that PC Gamer should use in tonight's raid and post in the comments below. Battle cry should be family friendly and non-offensive. The first fifteen entries with a valid battle cry will win a copy of Global Agenda.

This contest is open to everyone.

Global Agenda devs announce new Tribes game

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The developers of class-based first-person shooter Global Agenda have confirmed that they are working on a brand new entry in the classic Tribes series, called Tribes Universe. It'll have huge battlefields, vehicle combat and will feature massive scraps involving more than a hundred players. Oh, and jetpacks. It wouldn't be Tribes without jetpacks.

Play with PC Gamer - Global Agenda Halloween event

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Come play dress-up with the PC Gamer US editors in Global Agenda on Wednesday, October 27, at 4PM PST and be one of the first to run through the new Halloween themed mission, Oasis Checkpoint of Doom.

Oasis Checkpoint is a Defense Raid mission where 10 players defend a facility from waves of NPC attackers. It's decorated with “tricks” and “treats” for the holiday event, lasting from October 27 through October 31. Learn more about Raid Defense in this developer video blog.

Players must be level 30 to be able to join in the raid.

Global Agenda COO warns against "chasing WoW"

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Successful shooty-guns MMO Global Agenda was a success because it was designed from the ground up to appeal to people too busy with family to maintain a World of Warcraft commitment.

Global Agenda competition winners

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We've endured much, you and I. You had to endure two weeks of waiting to see if you were one of ten lucky readers who'd won a free copy of Global Agenda. I had to endure reading through a billion entries, each better than the last. To the ten of you who'll now be jetting around playing Global Agenda for free, my congratulations! We asked you for the ten lamest reasons or ways to use a jetpack. Here they are:

10 copies of Global Agenda up for grabs

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Global Agenda got its very own UK boxed release on Friday. To celebrate, we're giving away ten copies on Steam, which, now that I think about it, is really weird. We should be giving away boxed copies, right? Still, that's how the big bad world works. To probably have a chance of potentially getting one, read on:

Global Agenda has a free trial. Try it.

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Whenever I see Global Agenda on Steam I can't help but think that it's about a planet that harbours evil intentions. Sadly, this is not the case. It's a third person, class based team action game with MMO overtones. Also, up to level 12, it's now completely free to play. Hooray!

Global Agenda scraps the subscription

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Hi-Rez studios announced today that they're dropping the subscription model for its Tribes-esque online shooter, Global Agenda. Effective immediately, players can download and play Global Agenda up through level 15 with no money down. Players will still need to purchase a boxed copy of the game (conveniently currently on sale on Steam) to play the game beyond the trial, and optional paid expansions will be released going forward.