Dark Souls will remain 'functional' as GFWL prepares to die in July

Shaun Prescott at

Few people were happy when it was announced that Dark Souls would call Games For Windows Live home. Now that the service is scheduled to discontinue in July it's both a) vindicating and b) stressful, because what happens to Dark Souls now?

Capcom looking into options to handle Games for Windows Live shutdown

Perry Vandell at

With BioShock 2 and the Arkham games abandoning the quickly sinking Games for Windows Live ship for the SS Steamworks, players are asking publishers a common question: “Will I be able to play my games after Games for Windows Live is gone?” Capcom started getting the brunt of the attention last week, though it appears the company’s still mapping its escape route.

Games for Windows Live to shut down July 2014 according to deleted support update

Tyler Wilde at

An update to the Age of Empires Online support page revealed that Games for Windows Live will shut down July 1, 2014, and with it, at least some of AoE Online's features, if not the whole game. The announcement has been removed and replaced with the original text, but here's what it said...

Alan Wake to be self-published by Remedy, will use Steamworks - not GFWL

Nathan Grayson at

Beggars can't be choosers. We're finally getting a chance to strike fear into Alan Wake's baddies with our mighty flashlight, so we should just-- aw, screw it. I'd really, really prefer that GFWL keeps its clumsy mitts off my favorite game hero whose name is a pun. I imagine most PC gamers feel the same.

And Remedy's listening. This time around, Microsoft's not in the picture, so neither is GFWL. Instead, Remedy's self-publishing the game on Steam, which means it's officially kicking GFWL to the curb. We waited, and good things came. At this rate, I fully expect a PC port of Halo 3 that includes a full suit of Master Chief armor and keys to a real-life Warthog.

Batman: Arkham City to use Games for Windows Live after all

Richard Cobbett at

A couple of days ago, Green Man Gaming tweeted that while the forthcoming Batman: Arkham City will be a Games for Windows release, it wouldn't be using the dreaded Games for Windows Live. If only that was true. After we mentioned it last week, Warner Bros got in touch with us with the sad clarification: "Just to confirm, Arkham City is a GFWL title."

Boo. Will this have any bearing on whether you buy it?

Microsoft: "It is our job to lead the way on PC"

Jaz McDougall at

Microsoft has admitted that it needs to "step up" on the PC front. Dave Luehmann, Microsoft Game Studio's general manager, has said, "Other companies should look to Microsoft for leadership, but I’m not sure they do. It is our job to lead the way on PC." How do you reckon they should do that, then?

Kane & Lynch 2 ditches GFWL - and it's good

Dan Stapleton at

I'm enjoying watching Square Enix hammer another nail into the Games for Windows Live coffin. A week ago, Bethesda announced that Fallout: New Vegas would drop Live integration in favor of Steam for all its achievement and DLC needs. Today, while getting my hands on the surprisingly promising crime shooter Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, it came out that the cops and robbers sequel would also drop Microsoft's reviled copy protection and match-making system.