Quake no longer banned in Germany

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Germany may have banned Dead Island, but, you know, baby steps. As of now, Quake has been removed from the very same "Index List" Dead Island recently joined, according to Joystiq. The rocket-jump-pioneering FPS, of course, rocket-launched way, way back in 1996. It's a very slow baby, OK?

Doom was given a similarly slightly behind-the-times go-ahead earlier this year. It was deemed "mainly of historical interest." On a less depressing note, this also means that PCG US' very own Chris Comiskey is finally allowed to set foot in Germany again. After all, thanks to a certain logo permanently etched into his arm, he's technically a licensed Quake product.

Dead Island banned in Germany

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Dead Island has been well and truly banned in Germany. Developers Techland join everyone else in expressing their lack of surprise at the decision. "This isn't unexpected," they told Eurogamer. "Germany has its unique regulations regarding video games and violence and the industry can only comply."

Turning the blood green won't help them with this one. Dead Island has been put on "List B" by Germany's Federal Department of Media Harmful to Young Persons. It's a list reserved for media that contains extreme torture or Nazi content. It's probably best not to think about what gets onto "List A."

EA: "Origin is not spyware"

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This isn't the first time EA's Origin service has raised eyebrows (and ire) for its unflinchingly iron-fisted EULA. Now, though, the service is under fire in exciting new locales - primarily from German paper the Spiegel (via Eurogamer) - for allegedly granting EA the ability to access other EA programs without notifying users and giving "partners" free rein to collect information on "IP addresses, usage data, software, equipment, software usage and existing hardware peripherals" for marketing purposes. According to the Spiegel, these things may even violate German privacy laws.

EA, however, isn't hurriedly thrusting any red hands behind its back. This, claims the publisher, absolutely isn't what it looks like.

StarCraft II around the globe - now with black blood!

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Next week those of us living in the United States and the United Kingdom will finally get our hands on the retail version of StarCraft II. Included in this version will be cigars, blood and the occasional curse word, but folks from other countries won't be getting that same, authentic experience.