Gemini Rue

Here's what we're playing this weekend, how about you?

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The picture - the header of our Thief review from 1999 - may be a bit of a giveaway, but why not? It's Friday, after all. We can indulge in a little bit of misty-eyed nostalgia without fear of our bosses asking us why we're staring wistfully into space and making bow and arrow and mimicking guard-clubbing animations over and over again. That's the sort of freedom only the weekend can bring. Here's what we're planning to play between now and Monday, but what will you indulge in? adventure game sale discounts Machinarium, Miasmata, To The Moon and more

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There are some good deals to be found in's 'Adventurers Assemble' sale, which combines ADVENTURE GAMES with 60% OFF to make a bunch of point-and-click titles cheaper for this weekend only. If you've been waiting for an opportunity to purchase the likes of Primordia, Resonance, Machinarium, the Blackwell series, tearjerker To The Moon, or island survival game Miasmata, then you've found it. The deal ends on Monday at 3:59AM GMT, so you only have... a number of hours left on the clock.

Get five games for $10 on GOG, save up to $60

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The year is 20XX. Over-reliance on mysterious "cloud storage" and catastrophic "Y2X" software failures have devastated the world's supply of PC games. You can only choose five games to preserve. What's at stake? Oh, just the fate of PC gaming and ten dollars. Yep, that's (mostly) right: drop by GOG this week and you can liberate five DRM-free games from their servers for only $10 (around £6).

Gemini Rue woos Steam

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We were utterly impressed with 16-bit-style point-and-clicker Gemini Rue, which combines a beautifully scummy atmosphere with proper adult sci-fi storytelling. It’s already shown up in the Indie Royale bundle, but it’s also been added to Steam’s growing catalogue of point and click adventure titles. The Steam version adds a couple of new features - cloud saving, and 15 in-game achievements.

Indie Royale offering majestic indie game deals

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This is a website that is going to get your wallet into trouble. But not too much trouble, and that's the genius of it. is currently offering an indie bundle that includes ARES, Gemini Rue (easily worth the price of 10 of these bundles), Sanctum (a great tower-defense FPS), and Nimbus.

Gemini Rue review

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Boryokudan syndicate agents watch my every move as I relinquish my weapon and enter the futuristic criminal lair. In a dank room, the mob boss smugly reclines behind his desk. “I know everybody in this city, and I don’t know you,” he begins. Over the course of our meeting (a culmination of carefully-chosen dialog options), I win his trust, convince him that I’m a crooked cop (a lie) and agree to find the Boryokudan’s missing drug shipment in exchange for information on Center 7, the off-world criminal reconditioning facility holding my brother. There isn’t a lot of tension to this exchange—it can only play out one way—but the rich atmosphere and minimalist art style lets my imagination fill in the blanks with personal fears while brilliant sound design and thrilling sci-fi storytelling keeps me engrossed in a way I’ve never experienced in a point-and-click adventure game.

Gemini Rue released, demo now available

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Neo-noir adventure game Gemini Rue is out now. The game tells the story of two playable characters, retired assassin Azriel and Delta Six, a man trying to recover his identity after his memory has been wiped. You can soak up the atmosphere in the new demo, which lets you play through the game's opening.

Gemini Rue has a launch trailer, is out next month

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Gemini Rue is a neo-noir adventure game set in a dystopian future. It was one of the winners of last year's Student Showcase at the IGF. It's getting a full release next month and it's available to pre-order now. Watch the fantastic trailer below.