GeForce GTX 650

Asus GTX 650-E unveiled - a graphics card for the low-wattage generation

Dave James at

This is the new Asus GTX 650-E, a low-power graphics card that takes all the juice it needs from your motherboard, without the need for a secondary power connector from the PSU itself. That means even if you don’t have a PSU capable of juicing up a standard GTX 650 you ought to be able to get Asus’ wee GPU running in your rig. Looking at Asus’ new GTX 650-E though you have to wonder why exactly Nvidia demanded a PCIe power connector as standard for the GTX 650 reference design in the first place.

GeForce GTX 660 and 650 launch: Nvidia's sub £200/$250 Kepler polygon pushers are here

Adam Oxford at

It's been an interminably long time coming, but NVIDIA has finally launched the sub-£200 graphics based on its new Kepler chip architecture. Today's announcement sees a brace of polygon pushers out from the GPU giant, namely the GeForce GTX 660 and GeForce GTX 650. Priced respectively at £179/$249 and £89/$159 – and UK prices include VAT – they fill a gaping hole in

The GTX 660 especially could be one of the most popular cards in recent memory, if it performs well. Let's take a look at what inside, shall we?