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Geek toys review: Star Wars FX Lightsabers

Chris Comiskey at

There are certain moments in life I’ll never forget. That time I forced my brother down a make-shift zipline constructed of clothesline rope and a wooden dowel that served as a “pulley,” and then watching him plummet into the earth, breaking his wrist (his fault—he shouldn’t have let go). Or the time when I first beat Battletoads on the NES. (OK that never actually happened.) And know what? I’ll never forget the first time I wrapped my fingers around the glorious hilt of a Star Wars FX lightsaber and fired it up. I mean yeah, the first time I held one was, like, 6 hours ago, but still: I know I’ll remember it for eternity, because this toy is quite possibly the best thing to ever happen to me. Ever.

Geek toys review: Nanodots

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When the carrying pouch is more entertaining than its contents, there’s something amiss. Inside an admittedly awesome yellow drawstring bag—complete with atomic logo emblazoned across the front—lies a handful of magnetic BBs called nanodots. That stick to each other. Awkwardly. That’s all they do. This is sort of like tearing open the wrapping paper off a massive box on Christmas morning only to discover a mouth-guard and a jockstrap within.