GDC 2012

How one Flash game is funding the "world's youngest dev's" education

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Last year we reported on Flash game developer Ryan Creighton's exploits at GDC, where he was accused of cheating in front of a room full of developers. Ryan is also attending GDC 2012, but this time he's doing a talk on Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure; a game he co-created with his five year-old daughter. I think she did most of the art.

Ryan and his daughter Cassandra developed their game at a game jam. Then Ryan put it on a website and slapped a donate button in the corner. It's received $3081.12 to date, which will all go towards Cassandra's college education.

Paradox Interactive announce The Showdown Effect, Dungeonland and RED Frontier at GDC

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Magicka devs Paradox Interactive have just announced three new games. The Showdown Effect, Dungonland and RED Frontier are all on show at GDC. Paradox say "Action-packed and loaded with adventure, all three of these games will fulfill a unique need in gamers’ lives, whether it is their thirst for blood, fame and glory for their teams, or helpful theme-park-survival skills." We'll have our impressions of all three games online soon. Until then, feast your eyes upon the trailers within.

Hitman: Absolution crowd tech teased with screenshot. Agoraphobics need not apply

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IO Interactive have released a screenshot teasing the new crowd tech that'll feature in Hitman: Absolution. It looks extremely dense and not very well lit. Agent 47 is probably thrilled.

The tech will support crowds of up to 1200 strong. Each individual will have its own mini AI brain too. The tease comes in advance of Kaspar Faurby's talk at GDC this Wednesday. He's lead physic programmer on Absolution, and his talk is entitled "Crowd Technology in Hitman: Absolution," so expect more insightful details then.

Click through for the full size image.

GDC 2012 has just kicked off. We're live on the show floor

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The Games Developers Conference has just begun in San Francisco. Devs from every corner of the industry are congregating to talk about their craft. It’s a very exciting time.

GDC is less console iteration and booth babe than E3. It's more about quiet announcements and candid industry chatter. That said, this year’s show is already shaping up nicely, especially for us PC gamers. We have men on the ground, sniffing out scoops in real-time.

Will Valve open the Pandora’s box that is the Steam Box? What’s the mystery game that EA are due to announce on Tuesday? What will Sid Meier have to say in his keynote speech? Are Hitman Absolution’s crowds extremely good or a bit good? Read on for the highlights.